Ultra-processed foods, danger of death | The Rioja

Ultra-processed foods, danger of death | The Rioja
Ultra-processed foods, danger of death | The Rioja

They’re going to call me annoying, I know, but I’m a journalist and the news is king. A new investigation has once again revealed something that we have already warned about in this space on more than one occasion: ultra-processed foods kill. They are rich, they turn out addictive, blah, blah, blah…? Well of course! But with such delicious dishes and top-quality products as we have in this corner of the planet, who wants a supposedly edible industrial preparation? As I said, little by little, that crap, like the worst poisons, kills.

The latest work on this type of very useful product (I insist, and poisonous) bears the American seal and involves the monitoring of more than 100,000 people for no less than thirty years. Interestingly, all the volunteers were health professionals. Almost 75,000 nurses and 39,500 men participated in the study, all of them perfectly healthy, who were followed between 1984 and 2018. Every two years, the volunteers provided their health data to those responsible for the work. Each four completed a detailed questionnaire about the overall quality of their diet. The analysis of all this data makes up the now known study, which has been published in none other than ‘British Medical Journal’, possibly the most prestigious scientific journal in the world.

Run away from crab sticks

It is not a much higher risk of death compared to the rest of the population, but it is important enough to consider eliminating certain products from our diet. The most problematic products are those made from meat, poultry and seafood, especially crab sticks. The ‘undesirables’ list should also include sugary drinks, dairy desserts, and highly processed breakfast items like cereal and snack foods.

All of them often contain colorings, emulsifiers, aromas and other additives, in addition to a high energy content caused by excessive added salt and saturated fats. In addition, as researchers recall, they lack both fiber and vitamins.

There is growing evidence, too, linking them not only to increased chances of early death, but also of disease. Regular consumers of ultra-processed foods carry in their bodies more tickets to suffer from obesity and all the diseases linked to it, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even certain cancers, such as intestinal cancer.

Origin of the obesity epidemic

Another investigation, from around the same time, with an Australian seal, determined that ultra-processed foods are the main cause of the obesity epidemic suffered by the West, even above the lack of physical exercise.

Well, a French omelette is better than the apparently best processed meats. Of course, with free-range chicken eggs, cared for outdoors. Happy week. Eat well.


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