The Colombian coach of Central Córdoba: “Demichelis is a great coach” :: Olé

The Colombian coach of Central Córdoba: “Demichelis is a great coach” :: Olé
The Colombian coach of Central Córdoba: “Demichelis is a great coach” :: Olé

05/11/2024 07:01am.Updated on 05/10/2024 10:44 p.m.

You studied and prepared: you already have six academic degrees. But now you have to plan a game against River and at the Monumental. What do you think is more difficult?

-I did my degree in Sports Sciences, then I went to Barcelona to get my coaching licenses and did master’s degrees in soccer. All of that prepared me for the situation I’m in. It is an advantage: I can handle technology that many technicians do not manage and spend hours focused on tactical problems that a rival may pose. The university helped me with that.

Lucas González Vélez prepared himself for the challenge he is about to face. The 42-year-old Bogota native who chats with Ole He grew up on a farm in Cartagena “next to the sea and behind a ball”, he perfected himself as a physical trainer in Oceania, continued his studies in Spain and took his first steps in Colombia: he directed Rionegro Golden Eagles for six months, his first job as an elite coach before arriving in Cali Americascale prior to Córdoba Central from Santiago del Estero.

Lucas González Vélez, coach of Central Córdoba, before the game against River. Photo.Enrique Garcia Medina

González Vélez fell in love with tactics because as a player he did not understand it. “I loved the ball but it was difficult for me to do things that were necessary and that I didn’t understand. It is the reason why I became a coach”summarizes who aspires for his Centra Córdoba to be a “brave team” that dares to strike in Núñez.

-With your preparation, was it difficult to analyze Demichelis’ River?

-It is complicated to beat River, ha. Preparing for the match is relatively easy. It took us a few hours to know what they are going to do: it is a team with a great coach, with top quality players and that does not always play in the same way: part of two different types of organization.

-And you have to prepare your team so that you know what to do if they organize in one way or another. We have done it with the boys, I think they have understood it.

-You said that you wanted “the players to feel that they can go and win at the Monumental.” Did you achieve that?

-It is difficult to know with certainty. What I can say is that I saw their eyes in training and I saw different looks than the first week of work.

Lucas González Vélez, coach of Central Córdoba, before the game against River. Photo.Enrique Garcia Medina

-I mean, tomorrow they are going to go out and win…

-We are going to try it, without a doubt.

-Why can Central Córdoba beat River as a visitor?

-Because we are 11 against 11 that depend on a ball. River players, due to budget, are a little higher. You can only close this gap if you manage to take the ball away from them. And then, those players who are very good when they have the ball, stop being so and we become better. The game happens there.

-By idea, do you identify with Demichelis?

-He is a great coach. I have three references: Cruyff, Maturana and Menotti. And many similar techniques derive from there. From what I’ve seen, Demichelis aligns with this thinking. It will be a pleasure to meet him tomorrow, shake his hand and then try to take the ball from him, ha.

Lucas González Vélez, DT of the Railway. Photo: Central Press Córdoba.

His relationship with Borja and how to mark it

-River not only has a good tenure but also a scorer like Borja. Did you train anything in particular to mark it?

-More than marking Borja we want to cut the circuit they have so that the ball does not reach him comfortably. I know Miguel very well: he played with my assistant Alexis Henríquez.

-And have they already chatted with each other?

-We will have it face to face before the game. I’ll try to get him to give it a squeeze, to see if we can control it a little, ha.

Miguel Borja and Alexis Henríquez won the Copa Libertadores with Atlético Nacional.

-What does it make you feel to make your debut in the League in the largest stadium in South America?

-It is a huge illusion. Great. I don’t know the Monumental. When I came to Argentina I was eight years old and my father took me to Bombonera. I really want to get to know him as a football fan and having the opportunity to coach there is another level.

-Do the 85,000 spectators play?

-Clear. They play in the footballer’s brain, but that is where the good ones are recognized. We designed a very clear plan: we will see if the footballers are able to isolate themselves from everything and focus on what they must do.

for the feat

-Central Córdoba calls itself “the first great of the interior” because in 1967 it beat Boca in the Bombonera. Can the feat against River be repeated?

-Without a doubt. It’s time to make history. We have enormous enthusiasm and I hope we can play a great game.

-They debut against River and then it’s Boca’s turn. Does it encourage them to hit twice or is it a disadvantage?

-It is an enormous difficulty and a great opportunity. It is very difficult to beat them: the difference in budgets is very big. If we manage to get good results and people will have the opportunity to dream.

-Are you aware of the pressure of Argentine football and that your league usually dismisses many technicians per tournament?

-The intention is to stay three dates, six or eight years. As coaches we can talk about many things but it is about one thing: putting the ball in the goal. And if you can’t do that, it’s normal that you can’t continue. We want people to feel proud of how the team plays while we try to win.

Lucas González Vélez, coach of Central Córdoba, before the game against River. Photo: Enrique Garcia Medina

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