What response did the OSP give to the DAIs that did not charge?

What response did the OSP give to the DAIs that did not charge?
What response did the OSP give to the DAIs that did not charge?

The situation of the Integrating Auxiliary Teachers (DAI) In San Juan it is complicated, especially for around 1,000 workers who work providing their services to boys and girls who have the Obra Social Provincia (OSP), the most important in the province in terms of members. The DAIs are suffering from delays in the payment of their salaries, this Friday, after a note published by this means about the situation of the workers and just when they had announced a demonstration to demand a response, they received their March salaries. But not everyone got paid.

We spoke with Fasoli (Rodolfo, head of the OSP), attended to us quickly because they wanted to pay us today. He promised us that we would be paid today. And they actually paid, some with file numbers 3371 and 4074. But more than half, with other file numbers, remained unpaid. He clarified to us that Those who are not in order with the papers could not be paidthat come on Monday for the OSP“he explained Leonela Garayone of the DAIs that took the lead in the claim.

In this sense, he also pointed out that “They would continue paying on Monday because everything was very fast. I think this move was worth it and in a matter of hours they were able to pay. Everything they didn’t do in 2 months they did in hours“, he highlighted. “The rest of the DAIs will go on Monday to accurately notify their situation,” he indicated. In addition, he confirmed that Rodolfo Fasoli made an appointment with three DAIs and a mother for next Friday. To listen to their needs .

The good news is that, according to Garay, Fasoli promised them that “in this days, pay us for April, to those who have their papers in order”.

As already explained in a previous note, the OSP gives the same file number to 50 DAIs, in total there are close to 1000, and with that file number, these 50 workers can continue the pilgrimage (13 offices, according to the teachers) that make their files for the OSP administration . The problem is that when a DAI does some procedure incorrectly, the file of the 50 is delayed. “We told him that because a few who do not have correct papers delay the rest and he told us that unfortunately they are being handled like this. But they go to work to improve,” said Garay regarding the dialogue they had with Fasoli.

It should be noted that due to these delays in social works in general and due to the situation regarding the help provided by the Ministry of Family and Human Development, there are around 70 children in San Juan who still do not receive DAI and their parents fear for the repetition.

The OSP authorities They did not attend to the media who showed up this Friday at the demonstration, but they did receive the DAIs. Until the time of publication of this note, this medium was not able to maintain contact with Rodolfo Fasoli to find out the OSP’s position on the matter.

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