Mother’s Day in Cuba: from proletarian cake to virtual purchases in dollars

Mother’s Day in Cuba: from proletarian cake to virtual purchases in dollars
Mother’s Day in Cuba: from proletarian cake to virtual purchases in dollars

María is 65 years old, lives in Alamar, Habana del Este, and does not remember When was the last time the winery arrived at the winery? Mother’s Day cake. The candy that the Government sold every year to each nucleus through the ration book several years ago cannot even be found in most state candy stores.

In 2023, in Havana, the authorities announced the sale of just 23,000 cakes of chocolate, vanilla or peanuts, in stores in 52 neighborhoods of the 15 municipalities, at a price of between 400 and 500 pesos, cheap compared to offers from individuals or from pages focused on those who have relatives abroad. María couldn’t buy any.

“This year I’m not going to wait in line early in the morning to get a bad ‘cake’ here in Zanja and Belascoaín. My mother doesn’t want any cake. ‘Give me meat and something else for save the meal of the month‘, says. I already talked to my brother, who lives in Madrid, about giving him one of those combos. If he wants to add dessert…, welcome,” he tells DIARIO DE CUBA Daima on his behalf.

An assortment that this Havana woman talks about and that María is lucky enough to receive every two or three months from her daughter who lives in Lugo, Galicia, costs at least 170 dollars, depending on the quantity and type of products included. . The Mother’s Day offers Combos from Spain to Cuba are raining on the Facebook page, but most do not clarify prices beforehand.

On the private business page At the Table, a 25 centimeter diameter cake, filled with chocolate ganache and cream, costs $40. For ten dollars more you can opt for an assortment of cake and six cupcakes (decorated pancakes).

In TuAmbia, another of the platforms focused on purchases paid from abroada cake with vanilla panetela, filled with chocolate cream and covered with flavored meringue and edible paper (21cm diameter), plus a bouquet with a decorated red rose, has a price, on sale, of $50.66.

At Domicilio Habana, a cake decorated especially for mom, with vanilla panetela and chocolate cream filling, is a little cheaper, but also in greenback: 28 dollars.

Right now The dollar in Cuba has a value of 400 pesos in the informal market and the average wage It stands at 4,560 pesos. With these numbers “the offers from MSMEs and individuals are for extraterrestrials or people with FAITH (relatives abroad),” Yoan considers.

The boy wants to do a “little gift” that is paid in national currency and bet on some “sweet detail” for his mother.

A business that identifies itself as Estrella de Dulces, in the Santiago de Cuba party buffet group, has offers such as a minicake plus a box of various chocolates for 2,000 pesos. Orders must be placed two or three days in advance and half the price is charged in advance.

That is why Lida, who likes to cook and prepare “very humble pastries”, has bought all the ingredients well in advance for make a cake herself and celebrate her mother, his aunt and his sister. “I bought the flour on the left (1kg, 500 pesos), the eggs were brought to me by my aunt from her chickens (lucky because a carton costs up to 3,000 pesos) and I have been saving the sugar (up to 200 pesos per pound)” .

“I will make a drunken panetela, as we like it in , wet with enough syrup and to cover it with a chocolate custard. My grandmother’s recipe that is prepared in a pressure cooker without pressure is tasty and famous among my neighbors,” he says. the young woman residing in Holguín.

Her friend Alina is going to limit herself to buying some cases that they are advertising on he Holguin group Buy, Sell Cuba.

There are several options, almost all of them with toiletries, accessories such as scarves and fans, and a small printed postcard included. They range from 400 to 2,500 pesos.

I’m losing my savings on gifts, one for my momanother for my best friend and another for my mother-in-law, so they can’t be the most expensive,” she says.

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