The yin and yang of Peronism are activated by Rogelio Frigerio’s reform

The yin and yang of Peronism are activated by Rogelio Frigerio’s reform
The yin and yang of Peronism are activated by Rogelio Frigerio’s reform

The beginning of the debate for the political reform that he proposed Rogelio Frigerio waters parted in the peronism of Between rivers regarding the position to take at the decision-making moment. The president of Justicialist Party (P.J.), Jose Caceresexpresses fierce opposition to the Single Paper Ballot (BUP), while Rosario Romerofellow mayor of Paranaembodies a decidedly favorable stance.

Cáceres, who did not go to the provincial government’s call and clarified that the party only sent the legal representative “to see what was presented,” but “he came back empty-handed,” considered that the process initiated “is a circus of Frigerio to look for a photo in a very complex moment.”

Romero, meanwhile, spoke out unequivocally in favor: “The ballot has to be the single ballot.” In dialogue with Radio Costa Paranáthe president of the League of Mayors of the PJ He justified his position. “We states lose a lot of money in systems that are already old and that no longer think about the citizen or the environment,” she said.

Two faces in the PJ of Entre Ríos

Although in part because a written project has yet to be known, a forceful and much less definitive position has not emerged from the Peronist legislative blocs regarding the reform. Thus, the main positions, yin and yang, are expressed by Romero and Cáceres.

The electoral reform seems to put into operation the written script of urgency after December 2023. However, the rejection of the president of the P.J. to any update to the way of voting that involves modifying the ballots used in Between rivers.

“As Government Minister of Gustavo Bordet I worked intensely on what was the electoral reform project,” Romero endorsed. “It is very valuable to improve electoral systems with the citizen in mind,” he argued and added: “Although I always respect diverse opinions and I am not confrontational, if one looks for the ideal moment, we will never find an ideal moment.”

The mayor of the most important city in the province has to show, like Cáceres, a history that justifies her current arguments. But she also has the support of Bordet, who promoted the 2018 reform, which did not intend to be sanctioned due to the refusals of the Urribarrism, which then had an impact on the leadership.

Rogelio Frigerio’s government takes advantage of the Peronist crack

Frigerismo climbs into the crack that has emerged in the bowels of Peronism in the face of the reformist proposal and takes advantage of it to take advantage. Provincial government officials mention that although the final project is not defined, the basis of the text will be the unfinished reform that it proposed. Bordet in 2018, written by Rosemarythen Minister of Government and defended by her bishops in the Legislature.

Although at that time they had opted for the model Santa Fe of BUP, to the detriment of the Córdoba model, the concrete thing is that the meaning is the same. Move towards a single paper ballot model, leaving behind political parties as responsible for printing and distributing ballots.


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