Tesla led the sale of electric cars in Chile during April

The sale of new energy or zero and low emission vehicles continues with its upward curve, since in April it registered an increase of 219.8% with 1,436 units sold, becoming the best month of sales in this category since it has been in existence. record.

According to the ANAC report, between January and April the increase in registrations compared to the same period last year is 90.9%, with 3,971 units sold

When analyzing the results by vehicle type, plug-in hybrids (PHEV) increased 173.5%, with 93 registrations in April, while 100% electric vehicles (BEV) registered 347 units – the best record for any month in history – which which means an increase of 450.8% when compared to April of last year. For their part, microhybrid vehicles (MHEV) were not far behind with 270.8% growth thanks to 419 units sold, while self-charging or conventional hybrids (HEV) achieved an increase of 155.8% with 555 units in the same period being once again the best-selling category within all zero and low emissions categories.

The positive thing for ANAC is that all the categories mentioned above broke sales records, both in their accumulated results and in the monthly figures for April compared to the same month of the previous year.

For its part, the extended range electric vehicle (EREV) category marketed 22 units in our country in the same period.

Now, if analyzed by brands, the most striking thing about the latest report is in the 100% electric item, where Tesla headed the monthly ranking for the first time.

Source: ANAC

In April, the Californian brand registered 94 units, surpassing BYD, its closest pursuer, by 10 units, although in any case the Chinese electric car brand leads the annual registration with 294 units.

Tesla’s good momentum in Chile was consolidated thanks to the strong penetration of the Model 3, which registered 56 units in April, followed by the Model Y with 37 units. In the annual accumulated, the best-selling 100% electric vehicle is the BYD Mini Dolphin, with 109 units.

Source: Anac

In the analysis by segments, the results also continued with positive figures. In April, SUVs grew 205.8%, commercial vehicles increased 50%, pickup trucks increased 200%, and passenger vehicles increased 387.2%.

Despite the results that look very positive, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles continue to have a market share of only 1.2%, a figure that is far from the goal of 5% set for the end of 2025.


This low participation rate, according to ANAC due to the lack of clear and forceful incentives, makes it difficult to reach 100% of sales with zero-emission vehicles by 2035, which is what is outlined by the national Electromobility strategy.

ANAC insists on the adoption of a strategic plan to promote electromobility, guided by the State, that includes direct incentives for the acquisition of this type of vehicle, incentives for taking advantage of VAT, acceptance of the expense associated with electric vehicles, as It happens with countries that have been successful in massifying sustainable mobility.

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