Five young Cubans are sentenced for robbery with violence and intimidation in Pinar del Río

Five young people in Cuba, accused of the crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation of people, recently received their sanctions.

According to information from Cubadebatethe oral and public trial was held on April 30, 2024, in the Criminal Chamber of the Popular Provincial Court of Pinar del Río.

Case number 201 of 2023 was judged there, against five defendants, for the crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation of people. At the time of the trial, all were subject to the precautionary measure of provisional detention.

According to the article, these are five young people between the ages of 16 and 19, at the time of committing the crimes.

Therefore, taking into account this criterion “and cooperation in the process”, a sanction was established with a sentence of five years of deprivation of liberty for one of the accused. Meanwhile, three of them were given a seven-year sentence, and another an eight-year sentence.

How did the events occur?

The article specifies that during the oral trial it was proven that the accused, “in the early hours of April 4 and 5, 2023, attacked six citizens, of similar ages, who were studying university studies, on Borrego and Colón avenues.”

These attacks were carried out using “machetes and pieces of wood, while wearing hoods,” to steal valuable items “and causing terror in the injured.”

The trial

At the trial, the responsibility of the accused in the charged crime was demonstrated, after listening to the arguments of the Prosecutor’s Office and the defense.

It was considered that the accused imposed “a regime of certain terror on the population, especially university students, and that they are incompatible with the principles of citizen tranquility of which Cuba is the standard bearer.”

Likewise, they took into account that it is a “multi-offensive crime, because it attacks not only people’s assets, but also bodily integrity.”

According to the text, the Cuban Penal Code provides, in its Article 415, section 1 and 3 d, for the crime of robbery with violence and intimidation of people, for which it establishes penalties of eight to 20 years.

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