The aurora australis could be seen in Playa Unión and other places in Chubut

The aurora australis could be seen in Playa Unión and other places in Chubut
The aurora australis could be seen in Playa Unión and other places in Chubut

After what Austral Auroras will be recorded in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, due to a large solar storm after solar landslides that occurred in recent days, the northern lights could be observed in different corners of the province in the early hours of Saturday.

The independent popularizer of astronomy, Daniel Fantiin dialogue with EL CHUBUT had indicated this Friday that a solar storm would cause this spectacle in the skies of Patagonia due to a sunspot “larger than ever seen.” in the last 20 years”.

“If it clears up, I’m going to spend the night looking south, because We may be lucky enough to have the aurora australis. We will have to look after 9:00 p.m. to see if we can see any medium-greenish, violet flashes. This would be normal, but between different intensities of green it is normal to see in the case of a magnetic storm,” he stated. Although according to the forecast, everything seems to indicate that it will be cloudy, so we would not be able to see any Aurora,” he had said in an interview.

Photographers in Playa Unión, Esquel, Puerto Madryn, in Comarca Senguer and Los Cangregales were able to capture this unique moment in the southern hemisphere.

Union Beach by José Luis Pasten

Esquel by Lucas Merlo

Puerto Madryn by Paula Hazembiler

Fanti commented this Saturday on FM El Chubut about this extraordinary phenomenon during an interview. He stressed the importance of paying attention to the sky and putting aside the screens to marvel at the wonders that lie right above us.

In addition, he explained that these aurora australis were caused by a large solar storm, which generated an interaction between the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetic field. This interaction produced a reddish glow in the upper layers of the atmosphere, creating an impressive visual spectacle.

The expert also noted that we are in a period of maximum solar activity, which increases the probability of witnessing more exciting astronomical events in the near future. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of understanding the science behind these phenomena and how they affect our modern lives, from communications to satellite navigation.

Regarding the observation of the aurora australis, Fanti recommended looking for places away from light pollution and looking towards the south, where it is more likely to see these phenomena. He also encouraged people to share their experiences and photographs, thus fostering a greater appreciation for the world of astronomy and science in general.


According to Diego Hernandez from the scientific dissemination area of ​​the Galileo Galilei Planetarium in Buenos Aires, the sunspot that currently exists is, in reality, a set of spots associated with intense magnetic activity on the Sun, which is quite frequent, although not as intense or as as many stains as now. It is the largest since 2014. Sunspots are associated with magnetic fields because where they are very intense (thousands of times more than those on Earth) the gas does not circulate freely and cools a little. That’s why they look ‘dark’, in contrast to the rest of the visible surface.


The Italian astronomer, Galileo Galilei, coined the term aurora in 1619 in honor of the Roman goddess of dawn, mistakenly believing that it was the reflection of sunlight in the atmosphere.

In reality, both the northern and southern lights are due to the interaction of gases in the Earth’s atmosphere with the solar wind: a stream of electrically charged particles, called ions, that shoot out from the sun in all directions.

When the solar wind reaches Earth, it collides with the planet’s magnetic field, producing streams of charged particles that flow toward the poles. Some of the ions become trapped in a layer of the atmosphere called the ionosphere, where they collide with gas atoms (mainly oxygen and nitrogen) and “excite” them with extra energy. This energy is released in the form of light particles or photons.

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