In the end, the tedeum on May 25 will be held in the City of Buenos Aires and not in Córdoba

In the end, the tedeum on May 25 will be held in the City of Buenos Aires and not in Córdoba
In the end, the tedeum on May 25 will be held in the City of Buenos Aires and not in Córdoba

The day of Javier Milei’s presidential inauguration at the tedeum ceremony at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires (EFE/Matías Martin Campaya)

After several back and forths, the president Javier Milei will participate in tedeum on May 25 in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires and not in the Cathedral of Cordoba, just as it had emerged days ago to take advantage of the presence of the governors within the framework of the signing of the “May Pact”.

It was always thought to do it here“, official sources indicated to Infobae, in reference to the City of Buenos Aires. The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge García Cuerva, will thus lead the liturgical ceremony in the historic Buenos Aires venue. The same government source added that after the religious service, The President will fly to Córdoba to sign the political pact.

A few days ago it had emerged that the tedeum In commemoration of the Argentine national date, it was going to be held in the province of Córdoba, moving it from its usual place in Buenos Aires and taking advantage of celebrating in said territory the national agreement that the President launched on March 1. The ceremony was to be presided over by the archbishop of Córdoba, the Cardinal Angel Rossiwho was elevated in hierarchy by Pope Francis at the end of September 2023.

After the tedeum, the President will travel to Córdoba to sign the May Pact with the governors who adhere to the proposal

But it won’t be like that. The religious service at the Buenos Aires headquarters, which will begin between 10 and 11 in the morning, will feature the president’s delegation of ministers and will then depart for the other official commitment. In the afternoon, in the Hall of Lost Steps of the Palace of Justice of Córdobathe governors will wait for Milei to sign the May Pact.

After the signing of the national agreement, the head of state will give them the Order of May to the provincial leaders, a decoration awarded “to those who with their efforts contribute to progress, well-being, culture and good ‘international’ understanding and solidarity in the Argentine Republic.”

The President’s previous visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral occurred five months ago, on the afternoon of December 10day of the presidential inauguration of the leader of Freedom Advances. Milei arrived at the ecclesiastical headquarters just a few minutes after 7:30 p.m., after walking alongside his office along the path that separates the church from the Pink House.

On that occasion, García Cuerva – with whom the President will meet again face to face on May 25 – stated that “there will be unexpected storms such as, for example, the covid pandemic whose consequences still hurt us so much, but we have to warn ourselves of the storms that we ourselves can create, and with which we shake the house, our beloved country.”.

And he added: “They are the storms of intolerance, of feeling like owners of the truth, political opportunism, messages of hopelessness and panic, believing that the worse the better.”. “A gale of conflicts and confrontations that urge us to reconciliation and peace”.

The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge García Cuerva (Argentine News)

Furthermore, the archbishop of Buenos Aires emphasized a message from Pope Francisco to talk about him role of freedom, so used by Milei. “A God who, free, drives us to commit ourselves especially to those who suffer the most. As Pope Francis tells us: true freedom is fully expressed in charity. There is no freedom without love. (…) We know that one of the most widespread modern conceptions of freedom is this: ““My freedom ends where yours begins.” But the relationship, the link is missing here! It is an individualistic vision”he claimed.

On that occasion, the Greek archbishop also participated, Joseph Bosch; the Anglican Bishop, Brian Williams; the representative of ACEIRA, pastor Christian Hooftthe rabbi Shimon Axel Wahnish and Sheikh Salim Delgado Dassum, representative of the Islamic community. Each of them spoke at the altar and in front of the Head of State, who sat alone and spent almost the entire ceremony leaning on the staff of command.

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