They are intensively searching for a 73-year-old man in Chos Malal: “He has health problems”

The Neuquén Police issued a statement requesting information that allows us to find the whereabouts of Secundino Valverde, a 73-year-old resident of Chos Malal.

The man was seen last Thursday afternoon, for the last time, by an assistant who helps him provide the medication he needs daily. «“He has health problems,” explained to RÍO NEGRO DiaryChief Commissioner Walter Reyes, who is also the director of the Chos Malal Security Directorate.

“The man received daily care because he has health problems, an operator visits him every day in the Tiro Federal neighborhood, she filed the complaint because on Friday when she arrived at the house he was no longer there”he said.

Secundino is a known neighbor, and according to another person, they had seen him on his way to an area of ​​farms where he was supplied with firewood. “But there are no traces and we are concerned that he spent the night outdoors because the temperature is very low”detailed the commissioner.

The person is 1.65 meters tall, has a white complexion and has short gray hair. In addition, his physical build is thin and his eyes are brown.

“We started the search on the day of the complaint and continued all night, unfortunately we have not had positive results yet”Reyes said.

The search was judicialized by the V constituency of single prosecutor’s office of Chos Malal and the personnel assigned to the searches belong to the 24th police station.


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