Magui Olave shone on his anniversary: ​​the reunion with Ulysses

Magui Olave shone on his anniversary: ​​the reunion with Ulysses
Magui Olave shone on his anniversary: ​​the reunion with Ulysses

Magui Olave overcame a new challenge and lived a dream night in Quality Space. The quartet celebrated its 8th career anniversary and performed in Córdoba before an impressive audience.

Before her performance, the singer announced the participation of some guests and they complied. The first company was Eugenia Quevedo who went on stage after 2 in the morning, before his show in Colonia Caroya with the LBC, and they sang Don’t subtract me and You can never forget me.

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“We talk as if we were drinking mate at home,” expressed the colleagues in the middle of the show, while they had a fun exchange of gifts. “I’ll be back after the dance, it won’t be the first time they’ve kicked me out of a place,” said Muela after giving her a drink, which they promised to drink together.

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Although the live feat with Euge was enjoyed both on and off stage, the most anticipated moment had to do with the family reunion when he appeared Ulysses Good. El Flaco appeared to interpret with you alwaysa classic from his repertoire.

“Happy anniversary slug.”was the greeting that the singer dedicated to his cousin after sharing the song, to which Magui thanked the gesture with a warm message. “I love you with all my heart, thank you for coming”he mentioned.

The cousins ​​did not miss the opportunity and renewed a version from 12 years ago. “Shall we make one of memories?” Magui commented from the stage, giving the foot to the first chords of Prettyone of the great songs he recorded with Uli and was a true quartet success.

But the party didn’t stop there. As the night progressed at the Quality, it was then the turn of Sol Sattler, whom he introduced as the sister of a great friend, and Lourdes Montielwhom he thanked for the dedication of having gone to the rehearsal.

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As it could not be otherwise, the closing went well and they accompanied her The Caligaris. Martin Simplicity and Juan Taleb They returned the gesture that she had shown when visiting them in Plaza de la Música and sang two songs, Puts quartet from Magui’s repertoire and the hit Let’s have a barbecue from the band born in the Alta Córdoba neighborhood.

Without a doubt, the celebration of the 8th anniversary of the quartet will remain in the memory as one of the great nights that had all the ingredients. Furthermore, stepping onto the Quality stage for the first time is a credit to Magui who has been betting on our popular music and achieved his own place and name in the musical circuit.

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