Reckless motorcyclist on the wrong road collides with a truck in Ibagué

Reckless motorcyclist on the wrong road collides with a truck in Ibagué
Reckless motorcyclist on the wrong road collides with a truck in Ibagué

In broad daylight, security cameras in a neighborhood in Ibagué recorded the recklessness of a motorcyclist who collided with a truck that was traveling in the sector.

The exact moment of the accident revealed how the driver was traveling against the road and carrying out dangerous maneuvers. The entire situation happened in full view of several passersby who were on the street.

This was the moment of the crash

The incident was recorded a few hours ago through social networks in one of the streets of Ibagué, exactly in the Portales del Norte neighborhoodwhere the motorcyclist, whose identity is unknown, caused a collision with a truck.

The subject performs a dangerous maneuver: he is holding on to only the rear tire.

Photo:Capture: social networks

According to the footage, the subject practiced some dangerous maneuvers. One of these was a stunt in which he lifted the rear of the motorcycle and was suspended with only one tire.

His reckless behavior not only endangered him, but also to his companion, who was a woman who was not wearing a safety helmet.​

Furthermore, the subject was traveling in the opposite direction, without caring about the risks of his actions.

​As a result of these maneuvers, he encountered the truck in front of him, which did not even give him time to react. This caused him to crash and be thrown from the vehicle with his companion.

​The recklessness caused damage to the gray car, but no injuries were reported in it. However, the occupants of the motorcycle suffered serious injuries.

Until now, the current status of the passengers is unknown and the authorities must carry out the corresponding investigations to clarify the facts.

How much is the fine for driving the wrong way?

The fine for driving in the wrong direction would be D3, which says: “Traveling in the opposite direction to that stipulated for the road, carriageway or lane. In the case of motorcycles, they will be immobilized until the value of the fine is paid or the competent authority decides on its imposition in the terms”.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, the value of this violation is $1,145,029value of 100 percent of the fine.

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