They found cocaine, marijuana and cash

A anti-drug procedure that took place yesterday in Cipolletti made it possible to dismantle a gang that sells retail drugs on the streets of the city. The operation included two simultaneous raids on homes in the town where, based on a previous investigation, it was known that cocaine and marijuana, among other substances, were being stored.

The Federal Police carried out the operation after the investigation led by the force’s Superintendency of Dangerous Drugs, through the local Anti-Drug Division.

As detailed, the addresses were reached where drugs were being collected and sold and illegal substances and cash were seized, although no details were yet provided about the quantities found.

“With the evidence gathered, search warrants were requested from the Free Justice which yielded positive results in seizing cocaine, marijuana, cash and fractionation elements,” it was detailed.

drug operation federal police cipolletti

The Federal Court of General Roca, headed by Dr. Hugo Horacio Greca, intervened in the case.

Marijuana ready for sale in jars

Also days ago, after an investigation by the Rio Negro provincial police aimed at combating drug dealing in the streets, it was possible to find a true “artisanal production” in a Cipolletti home that included everything from cultivation, processing and drying, to packaging.

According to what was known, the officers carried out a search procedure at a home in the town and as a result They seized numerous jars of all sizes containing marijuana. Cannabis Sativa plants were also found in the drying process. At the head of the small ‘narco business’ was a man who was detained in the procedure.

marijuana cipolletti.jpg

A 22-year-old man was charged with the sale of marijuana.

With the corresponding authorization from the Federal Justice, personnel from the Cipolletti Judicial Investigation Corps proceeded to seize all the substances found.

The Federal Court ordered the seizure of the items and the indictment of a 22-year-old man in a case for violation of Law 23,737.

Another illegal nursery

So far this year, there have been numerous marijuana seizures in the city and the region that were surprising due to their magnitude. Two months ago, the Cipolletti Anti-Drug Division of the PFA seized a marijuana plantation in a rural neighborhood. The fact was striking due to the large size and quantity of plants found.

After a long investigation, federal officers were able to determine that in a home located at 600 Las Margaritas Street, a male person, of legal age, was dedicated to the cultivation, collection and retail sale of marijuana.

marijuana cipo1ok.jpg

An illegal nursery in the rural area.

An illegal nursery in the rural area.

As a result and with all the evidence obtained, the Federal Court of Roca ordered the search of the place. Once the operation was carried out, the PFA managed to arrest a man and seize 30 cannabis sativa plants that exceed one and a half meters in height, without having the proper authorization from REPROCAN (National Registry of Persons Authorized for the Controlled Cultivation of Cannabis). .

A 33-year-old man was arrested in such a procedure.


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