Solar storm: Until when can the auroras be seen in Chile?

The phenomenon has been seen with the naked eye from some locations in the country. Until when can they be seen?

The solar storm most powerful in more than two decades hit the Earth this Friday, threatening possible disruptions to satellites and power grids as long as it persists, but also causing spectacular polar and southern auroras that have surprised the inhabitants of the planet.

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) categorized the geomagnetic storm as “extreme,” the first since several of them in October 2003 caused blackouts in Sweden and damage to energy infrastructure in South Africa.

More coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are expected to impact the planet in the coming days, which means that the effects of this phenomenon will also spread, for example, the presence of auroras in countries where it is not common to see them.

Can they be seen in Chile?: Northern lights surprised in several European countries due to the solar storm

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Can they be seen in Chile?: Northern lights surprised in several European countries due to the solar storm

Although in our country it is not common to see this type of phenomenon, in Chile the presence of the Southern Aurorawhich users on social networks They have been able to see and capture it with their cell phones.

The photos published by users come mainly from the southernmost area of ​​Chile, specifically the Magallanes region, from cities such as Sand Point, Puerto Natales and Puerto Williams.

Even the presence of the aurora australis has also been reported further north, specifically, in Chiloé, Los Lagos region.

X @redgeochile, @gcodinad – Auroras australis as an effect of the solar storm

How long will the effects of the solar storm be seen?

According to the information provided by NOAA, The solar storm could last throughout the weekend due to extreme conditions.

This means that its effects will also extend during the days that the storm persists and therefore, the aurora australis can continue to be seen in the country.

For its part, the Chile Geoscientific Networkwrote in his X account, that “Remember that the flares arrive from time to time, so the phenomenon varies (at some times they are quite visible and at others not). It is also important to mention that there are several hours and days left of this phenomenon, so with a little patience it is possible to see it during the weekend. “There is still a lot to see.”


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