Radio Havana Cuba | Argentina condemns acquittal of aggressor of Cuban embassy in the US

Radio Havana Cuba | Argentina condemns acquittal of aggressor of Cuban embassy in the US
Radio Havana Cuba | Argentina condemns acquittal of aggressor of Cuban embassy in the US

Embassy of Cuba in the United States. (Photo:PL)

Buenos Aires, May 11 (RHC) The Union of Cuban Residents in Argentina (URCA) denounced this Saturday the acquittal of the person responsible for an attack on the embassy of the Caribbean nation in the United States and accused that country of promoting terrorism against the island .

In a statement, the URCA criticized the double standards of the North American justice and government and warned about the danger of not prosecuting those responsible for acts of this type.

On April 30, 2020, in the early morning hours, the citizen of Cuban origin Alexander Alazo fired 32 projectiles from a semi-automatic rifle at the diplomatic headquarters, endangering the lives of 10 officials who were in the building.

Faced with the attack, which caused material damage to the property, the White House opted for silence instead of rejecting what happened.

“Alazo Baró himself confessed that he was going with the intention of shooting down everything in front of him, including human lives if they were in his line of fire,” details a note from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex).

In its message, the URCA cited elements about the case such as the aggressor’s link with the religious center Doral de Jesús Worship Center, in Miami Dade, a place where people with known conduct in favor of hostility, violence and extremism against Cuba.

Furthermore, he questioned that the United States did not classify the action as a terrorist act against the embassy of a country accredited on North American soil, which it is obliged to protect.

According to the Minrex, “after four years and in an obscure criminal process, the officiating judge accepted a joint report from the Prosecutor’s Office and the terrorist’s defense that presents the perpetrator as a person who at the time of the events occurred was not in possession of his mental faculties and therefore declares him innocent.”

The URCA considered that this procedure sends a dangerous message of impunity for those who propose to take violent actions against diplomatic headquarters in the city of Washington.

On September 24, 2023, three years and five months after the Alazo attack, another subject threw two Molotov cocktails over the perimeter fence of the Cuban embassy in that city and against the front façade of that facility. (PL)

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