Central needed a nine and went all out for Enzo Copetti : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

Central needed a nine and went all out for Enzo Copetti : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News
Central needed a nine and went all out for Enzo Copetti : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

Rosario Central needs a nine to face the demanding Professional Football League that is starting and also to sustain its cup dream of continuing in the Libertadores or looking for a chance in the Sudamericana, if it does not manage to finish in the first two places in its group . The poor performance of Tobías Cervera, the serious knee injury of the Uruguayan Abel Hernández and the youth of Agustín Módica, forced the coach Miguel Ángel Russo, the sports director Federico Lussenhof and the president Gonzalo Belloso, to go out prematurely to the market to observe what was available, that could be adapted to the urgent needs of the “rogue” club. And among the possible names appeared Enzo Copetti, the powerful former goalscorer for Atlético Rafaela and Racing, who had gone to soccer in the United States and was eager to return.

Central had requested the incorporation of a new footballer when Agustín Bravo’s injury occurred. A few days later, Uruguayan Abel Hernández broke his cruciate ligaments, which could also have been included in that regulatory possibility that the Rosario club used. In any case, the AFA clarified that any footballer who joined an institution under these conditions could only begin playing for his new club as of June 1.

Under these slogans, the Central leadership, the sports director and the coach, went to the market to try to capture the best option available. In that context, days ago the names of Alejo Véliz and Marco Ruben were mentioned. It was said that both former “rogue” scorers could return to fulfill their dream of playing together, but the version faded as the hours went by.

Véliz recently arrived in Europe and wants to continue building his career there, although so far it hasn’t gone very well. And the top scorer in Central’s history is in Uruguay, shooting the last cartridges of his remarkable career, more for fun than out of ambition to pursue new professional challenges.

Added to all this was news that stuck in the hearts of the “rogue” fans like a stab: the information that Ángel Di María would finally not return to Central to finish his brilliant career, as was his always expressed wish. himself, due to a family decision and the threats he received through a paper on the door of the Funes country where he has his home.

Then, between roosters and midnight, the name of Enzo Copetti appeared, which is still shocking due to the goals that this powerful forward scored in Atlético Rafaela and especially in Racing, in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. To the point that those screams They allowed him to be transferred to MLS soccer for $6 million.

In 2024, Copetti was playing for Charlotte in the United States. He scored 7 goals in 36 games and was ready to continue there. But Central appeared, which had already looked for him on previous occasions, with an interesting economic proposal – which did not transcend – and with a contract offer for three seasons. All of this seduced Copetti, who was comfortable in the MLS but at the same time had the desire to return to a much more competitive soccer like Argentina, and then try a jump to Europe or another more economically attractive league.

The hiring of Enzo Copetti, the forward born in Chaco who is now 28 years old, was not officially confirmed by the Central authorities. However, sources close to the Charlotte MLS club assure that everything is on track and that the forward will be in Rosario in the next few hours to seal his incorporation into the “Canalla.”

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