They celebrate in a cooperative the 26th of July provincial event of Cienfuegos for the Peasant’s Day

The provincial act for Farmers’ Day It took place this morning at the 26 de Julio agricultural production cooperative (CPA), in the municipality of Abreus, a notable collective in the southern territory.

At a time to recognize the most outstanding and remember the anniversary of the may 17th The meeting was headed by Armando Carranza Valladares, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba in Cienfuegos and Félix Duarte Ortega, member of the Central Committee and president of the National Association of Small Farmers (Anap).

The commemoration in Cienfuegos of the 75th anniversaries of the signing of the Agrarian Reform Law and 63 of the ANAP constitution coincides in a territory with eleven National Vanguard headquarters in the Anapist emulation and seven Highlights, as on this occasion, with relevant results in food production and the operation of its more than 100 cooperatives.

In the presence of farmers, cooperative members, family members and neighbors of the rural community of Loma del Chivo where the productive base hosting the event is located, they recognized for each municipality the most outstanding producers and the eleven Vanguardia Nacional cooperatives in the confrontation for the 17th of May.

The four southern towns that stood out in economic, productive and operational indicators during the last year, Cumanayagua, Cruces, Aguada de Pasajeros and Abreus, received their accreditation certificates, as well as the organizations and institutions that maintain working ties with the ANAP stimulated support to joint tasks.

Yasmín Jiménez Álvarez, provincial president of the peasant organization, received from the hands of the highest authority of the Party and Yolexis Rodríguez Armada, governor of the province, the diploma of Outstanding in the national emulation for Peasant’s Day.

The concluding words of the meeting corresponded to Armando Carranza Valladares, who thanked the dedication and dedication of the men and women of the countryside with the maintained responsibility of guaranteeing the highest percentage of the food of the southerners.

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