Do you know the UMA of SLP’s Tangamanga park? These are the animals you can find

Did you know that in the Tangamanga I park Can you observe diverse and exotic species of animals? This can be done by the Wildlife Conservation Management Unit (UMA), which is located in front of the facilities of what was the Splash water park.

According to the last state administration, it was in 1998 that the UMA was created with the purpose of sheltering deer and ostriches. Subsequently, little by little it opened more spaces for endangered and rescued species.

Exotic animals from SLP’s Tangamanga park

Today, although access through the main door is restricted, visitors can take a tour to observe the animals in the back of the UMA.

Visitors enjoy this tour as if it were a zoo, because they can find exotic species that could not be seen naturally in San Luis Potosi.

Among the birds you can see ostriches, pigeons and parrots. Among the felines, panthers, jaguars, lions and wild cats. In addition to gray foxes, sheep and alpacas.

Exotic animals from SLP’s Tangamanga park

However, it is not possible to identify all the species found there, due to the lack of signs indicating the names of the animals.


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