The University of Magdalena celebrates its 62 years

The most anticipated day of the Cultural Week of the University of Magdalena arrived; The traditional serenade for a new anniversary of the Alma Mater was a wonderful spectacle that brought together the strength of the academy and the talent of important artists.

The opening was led by the rector Pablo Vera Salazar, who reflected on the purposes to be fulfilled between now and 2062, thanked the entire community that sows for the University and recalled that the role of each one is to ensure that in the future the harvests are always remembered.

The clock struck 12:00 in the morning and with it the 62 years of this House of Higher Studies. Jorge Antonio Oñate and Javier Matta performed ‘Happy Birthday’ and he was accompanied by the Rector and other directors, who followed the song.

Ana del Castillo, Mono Zabaleta and Luister La Voz, the most anticipated artists of this party, performed their greatest hits, delighting the audience.

And what better occasion than this serenade, for the University Symphony Orchestra to debut, a musical group made up of students, graduates and teachers. The evening continued full of music with the final of the Unirapdalena, a contest won by visiting Samir Rivas Ibáñez.

“This year the activities have been very well organized, the students have actively participated in the activities. It is interesting because we have to envision the future,” said David Iglesia Mejía, an eighth semester student in the Business Administration Program.

Filminutos Contest Award

Within the framework of the 24th version of the Cultural Week “A trip to the future 2062”, the awards ceremony for the Filminutos contest was held, organized by the Film and Audiovisual Program.

This time with the implemented theme ‘The Sea and Global Warming’, the participants were asked to tell a brief story about the importance of the sea and the environment in their lives.

The winners correspond to the Unimagdalena category: first place, Sofía Quintero Saldarriaga, student of the International Business Program; while in second place was Abram David Giraldo Guerrero, from Cinema and Audiovisuals.

For her part, in the Videospheres category, student Juana Franco, from the Civil Engineering Program, won the award for the 139 reproductions of her minute film on the platform.

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