How long will the cold stay in Jujuy?

How long will the cold stay in Jujuy?
How long will the cold stay in Jujuy?

May 11, 2024 – 11:30 By Maria Eugenia Burgos

Since last week, a decrease in temperatures, in Jujuy This was accompanied by an increase in cloudiness, presence of fog and mist, as well as scattered drizzle.

We arrived at weekend with low temperatures. From the National Meteorological Service (SMN) they anticipated a decrease in maximum temperatures with an entry of cold air where precipitation is not ruled out this Saturday and during the next few days.

On this Saturday, The minimum recorded in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy was 8°C, while the expected maximum would reach 16°C with unstable weather and great presence of cloudiness.

cold rains jujuy.jpg

Low temperatures and the probability of drizzle will continue until Wednesday in Jujuy

What will the weather be like on Sunday?

On Sunday the situation will not be so different, since the minimum temperatures will be set throughout the region with an estimated temperature of 8°C and maximum temperatures that will be around 13 to 15°C with a low probability of drizzle and a large presence of fog.

The weather for the start of the week in Jujuy

Edgardo Escobar, meteorologist, commented to “On Monday another pulse of cold enters the entire north of the country, accentuating the cold air in our province with a drop in temperatures again.”.

It is estimated that the minimum suffer a decrease again with little thermal amplitude. This situation will continue at least until Wednesday.

cold school

The cold continues!

For Monday, children will have to go warm to school since both minimum and maximum temperatures will drop again.

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