Miss Argentina Salta, ready for the challenge

Miss Argentina Salta, ready for the challenge
Miss Argentina Salta, ready for the challenge

At 21 years old, Eleonora Haro He already has several dreams fulfilled. She arrived in Salta, from San Juan, 3 years ago. He came to compete to be part of the Ballet of the Province of Salta, and his dream came true.

“I always wanted to do this, and since I already fulfilled one dream, now I’m going for another,” confessed the elected Miss Universe Saltaupon his arrival at El Tribuno.

Trying to achieve her dreams, Eleonora was encouraged, for the second time, to participate in the election of Miss Universe Salta and now, with the crown in hand, she leaves on May 19 for Buenos Aires, to join the representatives from all over the country, who dream of being part of an international competition.

This year Miss Universe Argentina, had big changes. “I think it is a possibility that is given to all women. We all have the possibility of being part of Miss Universe,” Ele expressed during the interview.

This year the election process for Miss Universe Argentina had great changes, leaving aside the traditional canons of beauty. Among some of these changes is not having age limits. In the case of the representative of Buenos Aires, the winner was a 60-year-old womanwhich revolutionized the networks a few weeks ago.

In Jujuy, the winner was a trans girland thus, the list of broad possibilities to which this international competition was opened.

The changes in Miss Universe

The particularity of 2024 was the choice of participants who challenge pre-established limits and they represent the true beauty and strength of Argentine women. These changes occur 96 years after the first contest held in the country, which took place in the city of Córdoba and consecrated Tulia Ciampoli -a leading actress, dancer and violinist of the golden era of cinema, barely 16 years old- as the first Miss Universe Argentina.

At the end of 2023 The organizers of the contest announced an important modification in the selection criteria: They eliminated the age limit that had been in effect since 1958. Historically, to compete in Miss Universe, candidates had to be between 18 and 28 years old. However, based on this recent measure, to participate you only need to be of legal age. Even, Since 2012, transgender women have also been allowed to participate.

In 2014 and 2015, the woman from Córdoba Valentina Ferrer Pezza and the salteña Claudia Alexis Barrionuevo They finished in the top 5 of the “typical costumes” category of the international Miss Universe contest.

This is because in one of the passes, the candidates for the crown must parade with colorful and original designs that represent something characteristic of their country.

In 2024, the winner will not have any financial prize. “Beyond some prizes that a sponsor may award, the organization will be responsible for covering all the expenses involved in going to Miss Universe International,” the organization clarified.

What will the process be like?

From May 19, the candidates will be staying in the same hotel and will carry out a series of activities, which have to do with the event and which are not announced until the agenda is put together. A secret that, over the years, the event continues to maintain, since what is sought is to surprise the candidates in each of the situations that will arise and see their reactions.

“We still do not have information about the activities that we do know about Yamile Lujan Dajud Zuluaga, Colombian-Argentine model and beauty queen, winner of the Miss Universe Argentina 2023 title,” Ele said.

In total, there are 28 Miss Universe representatives who will compete on May 25, for the 2024 crown.

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