Two arrested for murder of a man in Ñuñoa

Two arrested for murder of a man in Ñuñoa
Two arrested for murder of a man in Ñuñoa

This Saturday, Carabineros arrested two individuals accused of being the perpetrators of a homicide registered on Friday in the capital commune of Ñuñoa.

The incident occurred after a fight in which A 44-year-old Chilean man died in a healthcare facility after being shot multiple times.

Subsequently, a 32-year-old person with stab wounds arrived at the El Salvador Hospital to treat his wounds.

However, and according to witnesses, The subject was a participant in the aforementioned fightso he was taken to the OS-9 Carabineros barracks.

After collecting different information, the uniformed police managed to establish the dynamics of the events and found the whereabouts of a second subject, who confessed to being the shooter. that ended the victim’s life.

“After carrying out different investigative procedures by our specialized personnel, it was possible to locate and position the perpetrators of the incident in the place, as well as identify these subjects,” reported the lieutenant colonel. Fernando Pozofrom the OS-9 department of Carabineros.

“The second material author of this homicide is located in the same commune of Ñuñoa, where drugs, ammunition and cash were also seized.”added the officer.

In detail, 24 38 caliber cartridges of different brands, a digital scale, and 317 grams of cocaine hydrochloride were seized.


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