What are apple trees and why do they receive a lifetime subsidy?

The Institute of Social Security of the Province of Buenos Aires (IPS) granted a lifetime subsidy that provides for the payment of a minimum retirement for neighborhood workers, better known as “manzaneras”who have more than 25 years of verifiable volunteer service and are 60 years of age.

This assignment is contemplated by Law 14245, with the objective of granting recognition and in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development and the Municipality of Cañuelas. The beneficiaries of this subsidy are the workers of the “Más Vida” program.


Apple trees recognized by the IPS

IPS Buenos Aires: what are apple trees

This is what is called municipal workers who have more than 25 years of verifiable voluntary service and are at least 60 years of age. In this case, they are the volunteers of the “Más Vida” program that is responsible for assisting pregnant women from 3 months of pregnancy and boys and girls from 0 to 6 years old in situations of social vulnerability.

The beneficiaries recognized on this occasion were: Isolina Teresa Zamudio, María Ester Torres, Alicia Tolosa, Inés Mabel Silvia, Pabla Romero, Mirta Elena Reberte, Ana María Gutiérrez, María Cándida Da Cruz D’ Almeida, César Dardo Campacena and Stella Maris Ayunta.


Delivery of the subsidy to the Manzaneras for their 25 years of volunteer work.

Delivery of the subsidy to the Manzaneras for their 25 years of volunteer work.

Subsidy for apple trees: what the law of the province of Buenos Aires says

The law was passed on March 17, 2011 and created a pension regime for Neighborhood Volunteer Workers, known as manzaneras and/or comadres who carry out free social work in the implementation and execution of the “Más Vida” plan within the scope of the Ministry of Social Development of the Province of Buenos Aires. The beneficiaries completed 25 years of free volunteer work and are 60 years old or older.

The subsidy is equivalent to the amount of a minimum retirement of the IPS and will be settled monthly and for life, being compatible with the collection of another remunerated activity or the receipt of pension benefits. In addition, the beneficiaries (spouse, parents, single sons up to the age of majority, single daughters over 50 years of age who are not active) of the apple trees will be able to access 75% of the subsidy in the event of the death of the owner.

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