there are three suspects in the investigation

there are three suspects in the investigation
there are three suspects in the investigation

This Saturday, the city of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, saw the tranquility of the afternoon interrupted by a tragic event. A 31-year-old man fell from the second floor and is in serious condition, fighting for his life. Three people were initially detained, although they later regained their freedom while the investigation progresses.

It happened around 4 p.m., in an apartment located on Yrigoyen Street. The victim was identified as Maximiliano Palacios, who was with three other people in the building. They work as jugglers, according to him The Diario de La Pampa.

Commotion in La Pampa due to a man who fell from a second floor. (Courtesy of El Diario de La Pampa)

In fact, one of these people, and a suspect in the incident, is the owner of the property, who looked out of the balcony after the man fell. “Is he dead?” She asked while she grabbed her head and covered her face, the aforementioned media detailed.

After the incident was reported, personnel from the First and Third Section arrived at the scene and began to carry out the corresponding investigations. Then the ambulance arrived and attended to the victim.

Meanwhile, the man’s body remained motionless on the floor.

After a few minutes, staff from the Scientific Research Agency arrived at the site, carrying out meticulous work inside and outside the department. For this reason, the street remained closed and the building was fenced.

“The ambulance took him unconscious,” a police source mentioned about the injured man.

The Santa Rosa prosecutor, Andrés Torino, stated that the man is in “serious state of health.” He remains hospitalized.

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