Before 15,000 people, Jaldo recognized the value of the Famaillá Entrepreneurs Fair

Before 15,000 people, Jaldo recognized the value of the Famaillá Entrepreneurs Fair
Before 15,000 people, Jaldo recognized the value of the Famaillá Entrepreneurs Fair

The governor, Osvaldo Jaldovisited Famaillá, where he toured the Bicentennial Historical Theme Park where the Entrepreneurs Fair is held every weekend and which brings together more than 15,000 residents and visitors from the entire province.

Next to the Tucuman president was his wife, Ana Maria Grillo; The ministers: Luis Medina Ruiz (Health and Dario Monteros (Inside); the national senator, Sandra Mendoza; the national deputies Agustin Fernandez and Gladys Medina; the mayors Enrique Orellana (Famaillá), Francisco Serra (h) (Monteros) and Elvio Salazar (Simoca); and the legislators Maia Martínez, Marcelo Herrera and Jose Orellana.

Jaldo explained: “The truth is that I am very happy today to share with the large number of neighbors, not only from Famaillá who visit us today, but a large number of people have gathered here, where we are accompanying the incessant work and a lot of effort and sacrifice that entrepreneurs make all year round. But also, this event, which attracts more than 15,000 people, fundamentally has to do with permanently recognizing and valuing our history, our culture and our tradition.”

“That is why I want to congratulate Mayor Enrique Orellana, who is giving a total boost to these events. Also thank the former mayor, current legislator José Orellana, who there is no doubt that he has had to govern this municipality and the people, recognizing his mayor’s management, have voted massively for him to occupy a seat in the Legislature of the province of Tucumán. And, as if that were not enough, alongside them there is a woman, Sandra Mendoza, who has been chosen by the people of Tucumán to represent us in the National Congress 1,100 kilometers away to defend the interests of Famaillá, Tucumán and of each one of those who live in our beloved province.”

“Putting together an event of this nature requires effort and sacrifice. The truth is that it is a brilliant idea and this has to do with being on par with our people, on par with the people” and added: “as if this were not enough, at one minute past 12, the Orellana twins are celebrating their birthday. . That is why I also wanted to come and accompany you with my wife Ana María, with all the fellow mayors, legislators, ministers, these two companions who really, from the place where they have been, have always contributed to the growth of this beautiful city of Famaillá. But they have also contributed with their work and labor to the growth of our beloved province of Tucumán.”

“We are very happy to be here today, to wish you both a happy birthday in advance (you are turning 60), to wish you the most important thing that a human being has, that you have good health and then we will surely achieve the objectives and goals.” comply with time. So happy birthday to Enrique, to José and may they continue to live this beautiful party with this people who love them and appreciate them very much,” he concluded.

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