Carlos Vives and Silvestre Dangond are criticized for a song against Gabriel García Márquez

The great vallenato artists Carlos Vives and Silvestre Dangond have managed to position their names as representatives of the musical genre. The singers recently released a song together that was premiered at the Vallenata Legend Festival held in Valledupar, so they got together for the show.

Carlos Vives was recently at a vallenato music festival. | Photo: Colpress

What did not go down well among social media users is that the singers are performing a controversial song by Armando Zabaleta, in which the composer expresses several criticisms of the Nobel Prize winner in Literature and very loved by Colombians, Gabriel García Márquez.

Silvestre Dangond was at the vallenato meeting. | Photo: Courtesy Sony Music

The reactions are a bit mixed, because while some flattered to the artists and agree with what the song says, others rejected the verses and attacked themminimizing their career in comparison to what Márquez achieved.

Below is the controversial video of the artists

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