Deputy Abril participated in a meeting of women from the Frente Renovador

Deputy Abril participated in a meeting of women from the Frente Renovador
Deputy Abril participated in a meeting of women from the Frente Renovador

The provincial representative Vanesa Abril participated this Saturday in the 2nd Meeting of Women and Politics held by the Frente Renovador in Trelew, where concern was expressed about the “fall in income, layoffs” and “proposals to defend girls, children and retirees.”

During the day of reflection and exchange, in which women from the field of , education, security and residents in general participated, “the construction space was valued to advance problems suffered by the city’s residents. and throughout the province,” explained the provincial deputy, while detailing the issues that are on the agenda in the Chubut Legislature and the position of the Arriba Chubut bloc, “in the face of the situations that most concern our residents of the province.”

It should be noted that these exchange spaces are part of the activities carried out in the party house of the Trelew Renewal Front.

Likewise, the Comodor legislator highlighted that “I met with colleagues from the Renewal Front with the idea of ​​continuing to consider the work and process of renewal that can respond to the demands of the people. Self-criticism and, above all, unity will be the bases for what is to come,” and expressed: “it is important to have fluid contact with each of the sectors that make up society, observing first-hand the problems we have, to together we move forward in the search for the solution.”

“Today we see how this National Government began to use its famous chainsaw with the workers, cutting everything from a medicine that the State previously provided to the education of our sons and daughters,” Abril reviewed and continued: “we have offices of the Argentine Post Office that They close with layoffs of employees; unpayable fees; routes without maintenance in the middle of winter; public works stopped; now the closure of Radio Nacional, which is a source of information and communication for many in the interior of Chubut; “We are really very concerned about everything that is happening.”

Finally, Congresswoman Abril thanked the space for reflection and urged “to continue with the meetings and promote participation in other locations in the province and to be able to come together in a national meeting of women of the Renovador Front.”


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