South Africa demands an end to the US blockade of Cuba › World › Granma

South Africa demands an end to the US blockade of Cuba › World › Granma
South Africa demands an end to the US blockade of Cuba › World › Granma

Pretoria- The Society of Friends of Cuba in South Africa (Focus SA) demanded that the United States end the illegal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the Cuban people for more than 60 years.

In a statement celebrating 30 years of diplomatic relations between South Africa and Cuba, Focus demands that Washington comply with the resolutions that have been adopted for more than two decades in the United Nations General Assembly to “end the immoral and unjust blockade.” ».

Likewise, this organization demands that the United States government remove Cuba from the unilateral list of the so-called “State sponsors of terrorism”, a measure that, Focus highlights, has been condemned by the majority of peace-loving countries in everyone.

These cruel policies, he emphasizes, make it much more difficult for Cuba to carry out transactions using international banking systems and acquire necessary goods in the global market, such as fuel, food, construction materials, hygiene products and supplies and parts to generate electricity. .

In the text, Focus recalls how, today, post-apartheid South Africa benefits from a cohort of Cuban medical professionals and other technicians, while seeking to overcome centuries and decades of colonial and apartheid legacy of lack of adequate medical care for the poor.

Cuba, he adds, continues to train medical professionals for a comprehensive primary care system led by the State in South Africa, devastated by the ravages of preventable diseases and limited resources.

This solidarity action, Focus highlights, continues today within the framework of the Nelson Mandela-Fidel Castro medical cooperation program.

Cuba, Focus summarizes, demonstrated a unique and unbreakable solidarity that is recorded in the history of the continent as a moral and fraternal commitment to the people of Africa, being a loyal expression of friendship.

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