2024: they predict a ‘crude’ winter in Santa Cruz

2024: they predict a ‘crude’ winter in Santa Cruz
2024: they predict a ‘crude’ winter in Santa Cruz

Luis Alberto Alpire, better known as the ‘Lord of the Climate’, predicts a frozen winter for Santa Cruz, Therefore, it is recommended to take some precautions, especially in the productive sector.

Not only the April rains such as those that have been falling in May, without also ruling out that they occur in June discontinuously and with less intensity, translate into reality the forecast of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO, based in Geneva, Switzerland) of that the climate phenomenon El Niño, synonymous with high temperatures, would enter a neutral phase with a reach of 80% in the April, May and June quarters.or,” the expert began explaining.

With this background, Alpire considers that “the sharp cold front that will be recorded from on Monday, May 13, with a minimum temperature of 13 °C in the capital of Santa Cruz, Andrés Ibáñez and Norte Integrado; 6 °C in the Cruceños Valleys, 8 °C in the Cordillera and 12 °C in Chiquitania, is a sample of what will arrive in 40 days, at the formal start of the winter season (June 21)”.

A harsh winter

According to Alpire, this does “predict that we will have a freezing winter, compared to last year “which was classified as warm due to the incidence of El Niño, which was in force on the planet from July 4, 2023 to March 2024.”

In the words of Alpire, “given the evidence of a cold winter in 2024, a possibility framed in the arguments presented above, as well as in “The premature sharp south that will be felt next week confirms that we will experience a winter season where low temperatures will predominate.”

Recommendations for the productive sector

In that sense, Alpire recommended, in terms of production, especially the Cruceños and Cordillera Valleys, where temperatures drop even further, “fumigate the plant or crop with potassium foliar fertilizer prior to the entry of the cold front so that it can withstand the storm and not affect its normal development.

In addition, “to prepare sprinkler irrigation systems, an effective method to prevent burning of production, which mainly generates frost, when degrees Celsius decrease and are equal to or below 0 °C“.

Regarding health, it is advisable to get vaccinated against influenzavulnerable sectors, children, older adults and all those who suffer from chronic diseases and thus protect human integrity in the face of a winter that will be felt.

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