How the weather will continue in Entre Ríos after the alert for the flooding of the Uruguay River

How the weather will continue in Entre Ríos after the alert for the flooding of the Uruguay River
How the weather will continue in Entre Ríos after the alert for the flooding of the Uruguay River

The number of evacuees increases due to the flooding of the Uruguay River in the province of Entre Ríos (Belén Fedullo)

The people who live in the areas are experiencing a dramatic situation at this time. banks of the Uruguay River, especially in the province of Between rivers where the number of evacuees is constantly increasing and where the The National Weather Service still forecasts rain until at least noon today.

In the city of Gualeguaychuduring yesterday Sunday it grew to 31 the number of people who had to leave their home in the face of the adverse weather that has been experienced for a few days and where the flood reached almost four meters in height.

According to the portal The eleven, Civil Defense and Volunteer Firefighters from that city indicated that in the last hours two families made up of two adults and five children had to evacuate, each one staying in different private homes in the town.

In addition, they reported that an evacuated elderly adult had to be housed in the Armored Cavalry Exploration Squadron No. 2 and another to a local assistance center.

In the city of Concordia the number of evacuees amounts to 547 people (Belén Fedullo)

For its part, in the city of Concordthe water continued its advance on the coastal homes and forced the evacuation of 547 people who were assisted by the authorities and transferred, as in the case of Gualeguaychú, to help centers especially suitable for this situation or to private homes. To this number are added the countless number of self-evacuees, although there are not many details.

It is worth highlighting the actions of General Belgrano and Belgrano Railway Freight They made 16 cars available to accommodate the families while the dramatic situation persists.

The provincial government reported that among the most affected areas are the Camba Paso, Belgrano Sur, Sargento Cabrera, Puerto, Lezca, Nebel Este, Nebel Norte, Nebel Sur, Pampa Soler, Costanera Sur and Costanera Alta neighborhoods.

Furthermore, the sports complexes of Club Atlético Libertad, Club Atlético Wanders, Club Tenis Concordia Park, Campos de los Deportes, Club Pesca and Club Regatas.

Given what the city faces, the mayor Francisco Azcue published through his Instagram account: “From the Operations Committee convened by Mayor Francisco Azcué in response to the flooding of the Uruguay River, the report from the Salto Grande Hydrology area issued this Sunday is released. Until hour 7 on Monday, May 13, The maximum levels will not exceed the following values: 13.70 meters in the Port of Concordia, 13.90 meters in the Port of Salto.”

And he added that “between 7 and 1 p.m. tomorrow, the evacuated flow will vary between 23,500 or 24,500 m³/s. The maximum level in the Port of Concordia will not exceed 13.90 meters. The reservoir level will tend to be 35 meters.” “This part that is issued daily can be varied for unforeseen reasons or emergencies at any time that will be communicated,” the message closed.

Meanwhile, a report from Ministry of National Security on situation of the Uruguay River, specified: “On the lower section, high waters will continue to rise, above the alert and evacuation references, in most sections. Likewise, it is noted that the condition of high waters can hinder the drainage of the tributaries lateral to the section, amplifying peaks or permanence of possible rebounds, also depending on the behavior of the Río de la Plata.”

The Estuary of the Río de la Plata “It will be oscillating with a slight increase in medium to medium-high levels during the next 2 days, which could slow down the discharge of the lower section of the Uruguay River,” he reported.

Given this situation, the National Metereological Service foresees for the city of Gualeguaychu the presence of some drizzles, especially in the early hours of today, and it stands out that from midday onwards, the sky will be somewhat cloudy with a maximum of 17° and a minimum of just 5 degrees and no rain expected for the next few days.

While for the city of Concorddrizzles are estimated from the early hours of this Monday, until at least noon when they will stop and the sky will remain mostly cloudy until the last hours of the day. The thermal marks will range between 16° maximum and 9 degrees minimum. It is important to note that no rain is predicted starting Tuesday morning or for the rest of the week.

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