What are the brands that want to reach or return to Argentina?

The interest of foreign consumer brands in arriving or returning to the country is renewedincluding iconic ones like Pizza Hut and Cacharel. Others They already announced their arrivallike Brazilian clothing Heringwhich after 15 years returns with five stores.

Although they do not expect a flood of landings, specialists see a change in trendwhich is explained by several factors, fundamentally, the new economic direction and the rebound in consumption planned for the second semester and 2025. With the recent measures of the Government, such as opening to imports and the reduction of tariffs; and others that are discussed in Congress, such as Base Law and the Large Investment Incentive Regime (RIGI), They are attentively watching the future of the national market, a market that has become attractive in the region.

“They influence the size of its population and the growth that your economy could havewith great potential. The measures could make the country take off. That provokes interest, although some investment decisions, especially those of multinationals, take longer than others,” he analyzed Mariano SardansCEO and founder of FDI Asset Managerwith offices, in addition to Argentina, in Uruguay and the United States, serving clients from 14 countries.

Hering announced his return, with the opening of 5 stores in the second half. Photo: archive

“They add up the way to a strict monetary policy –as in most of the States in the world, not only first-line, but also Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru and Mexico– that aims to control inflation and a flexible labor market –which almost does not occur in Latin , Peru is the closest to that model– which would allow, as in the American case, to quickly adjust and hire personnel again,” he listed, to which he added tax reformwith the tax package as a first step: “Today, taxes represent at least 50% of the price of any product.”

Alejandro Tfelimanaging director and partner of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), considered that “the macroeconomy is stabilizing, going through a process of order.” “This invites investment in the medium term. Furthermore, the country is gaining relevance in Latin America, with specific sectors that are attractive. It is added that Argentine asset values ​​remain depressed, presenting an opportunity”.

Fernando Garabatopartner of Deal Advisory and Financial Industry of BDO Argentinaagreed: “We see marked interest. At a strategic level, there is motivation in liberal policiesand from the executive, in the RIGIwith two advantages that give competitiveness: on the one hand, it improves and secures fund flows with tax and customs benefits; and on the other hand, the discount rate at which the investment is recovered, with legal certainty through access to international courts, mitigates the country risk. The interested parties who consult are new or installed investors that seek to generate new projects.”

Pizza Hut was in Argentina in 1983 and 1997, and now it wants to return. Photo: archive

The brands that are preparing to arrive or return

Among those who want to return, There are Pizza Hut and Cacharel.People from Pizza Hut came to see us to return to Argentina“, he anticipated Clariona franchising source. The thing is the majority seek to arrive with franchisesas announced Hering. Pizza Hut came twice. The first was in 1983. But it failed to compete with traditional pizzerias. In 1997, he had his second attempt, with the fund The Exxel Group, until he left the country. The last failure was in 2010, when the group D&G -today Inverlatowner of Havanna – threatened with his return.

For its part, after five years, Cacharel plans to return with the help of ALAV, a local company that renewed the license and will initially produce linen – sheets, duvets and quilts – in General Pico, where it manufactures textiles with its flagship brand LOVE & Home. The idea is to expand Cacharel regionally from La Pampa.

Urban Haus wants to come with the expected improvement in consumption and the opening of imports. Photo: archiveUrban Haus wants to come with the expected improvement in consumption and the opening of imports. Photo: archive

Others got ready to plant a flag, such as Uruguayan clothing Urban Haus. confirmed it Alexei Yaquimenkodirector of SVET Franchises, a consulting firm that is leading its expansion: “After the development in Paraguay, South America did not give us certainty of safe growth. We disembark in Central America, Miami and Barcelona. But the current panorama favors opportunities. We consider entering through the expected improvement in consumption and policies that facilitate imports”. “The country is always on the table. In Punta del Este, We received hundreds of inquiries to bring the brand to Buenos Aires“, he acknowledged Fernando LopezCEO of Urban Haus.

Also the accessories Kaunas From Uruguay They launched franchises this year “thinking about the new Argentine environment”. “It has 30 years of recognition. By 2025, it has already put Buenos Aires on its roadmap”Yaquimenko highlighted. “Given the recent opening, its proximity and similarity in tastes, we see Argentina with good eyes”he declared Florence Gimenodirector of Kaunas.

The Coffee ShopThe Coffee Shop

Meanwhile, for three months, a delegation monitors the eventual arrival of The Coffeeteria, a coffee chain with international capital. According to Yaquimenko, “It was positioned on the busiest corner of Punta del Este and caught the attention of Argentines this summer, with consultations to take it to different locations, something unthinkable before.”

Carlos Canudasholder of Canudas Studio and who will be exclusive representative of Hering, anticipated the interest of other brands: “Wing’s Armychicken wings, with more than 200 stores in Mexico; Fagotto Pastas, pastas on the move from Chile; and Casa do constructor (Builder’s House)of construction materials from Brazil that are found in Uruguay and Paraguay.”

White Corridorexpansion director concluded: “We want to enter the Argentine market, where the construction industry is growing, with franchises in a country that is once again in the ranking of the main investment destinations. It gives us confidence.”

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