Does Wi-Fi reach Cuban trains?

Does Wi-Fi reach Cuban trains?
Does Wi-Fi reach Cuban trains?

Apparently, Cuban trains could soon have Wi-Fi.

A year after a project with this objective was announced, the Comprehensive Telecommunications Solutions Company Solintel SA announced in its networks that it has already begun field tests of this service.

In a brief communication days ago, the entity assured that “the proposed goals are being achieved,” without offering more details.

By echoing the announcement, the newspaper Granma Nor did it provide explanations about the trains on which the test is being carried out and the possible cost of the service.

However, he assured that this project “on a work schedule from 2023, represents added value that will add a standard of comfort to passenger transportation by rail.”

In addition, he pointed out, citing company specialists, that the greatest difficulty in implementing it “was in the coverage on the central line.”

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More than a year ago, when reporting on the work being carried out, the publication itself explained that, once the service was launched, passengers could “send and receive email messages with attachments” and have “access to the intranet corporate”.

In addition, it was also planned that they could “browse the web, chat online with access to social networks and applications.”

Then, engineer Robelis Lambert Matos, president of Solintel, announced that a pilot test would be carried out in the third quarter of 2023, and that his entity intended to “close the year with service in some sections.”

This, evidently, did not happen.

Now, neither Solintel’s information on its networks nor that of the newspaper Granma They clarify until when the test being carried out could be extended, nor do they anticipate a possible date for the full operation of the service.

For now, there is no option but to wait for the release of the test results and the possible announcement of new details of the implementation of a project that could help make long and strenuous train trips in Cuba more bearable.

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