A man from Corrientes climbed to the podium on the fourth date of the Entre Ríos Formula 3

A man from Corrientes climbed to the podium on the fourth date of the Entre Ríos Formula 3

The driver from Goya placed second in the race that took place this Sunday at the Concordia racetrack, in the neighboring province. For his part, Benjamín Traverso was sixth in the same race.

During this Saturday and Sunday, the third and fourth dates of the Entrerriana Formula 3 motorsport competition were held. Despite the rain and the terrible weather conditions that affected Mesopotamia, the “nut” activity took place at the autodrome in the city of Concordia.

On the fourth date of the Entre Ríos competition, the Goya pilot Ignacio Vilas finished in second position. The winner of the race was Valentín Coffy and Marcio Facello completed the podium.

In the same race, Benjamín Traverso from Corner finished in sixth position. The young driver started in seventh place on the starting grid, tried to settle into the pack at the top, overtaking several cars, but a touch made it impossible for him to get into the top three.

On Saturday, on the third date of the Entrerriana Formula 3 Championship, which also took place in Concordia, during qualifying he ran in second place, until he finished fourth. In the final, he finished in fifth place.

Gonzalo Álvarez continues to represent Mercedes and Corrientes in the best way in Entre Ríos motorsports. In the city of Concordia and under heavy rain, the driver who raced karting from Merced and did some races in Fuerza Libre, came in third place and, for the second consecutive time, made the podium.

Álvarez felt very satisfied with this new experience. He started the weekend with some complications, but they worked hard to solve it and on Sunday it went from minor to major. In addition, the seasoning of rain made the race more entertaining and exciting. Thus the Mercedeño gained great experience since driving on a wet track is much more complicated.

Corrientes pilots continue to look for opportunities to have more filming, because the competitions in this area have not yet started due to the late scheduling of calendars just beginning in rainy months such as April and part of May.

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