Patricia Bullrich suspended her trip to Jujuy

Patricia Bullrich suspended her trip to Jujuy
Patricia Bullrich suspended her trip to Jujuy

Why doesn’t Patricia Bullrich travel to Jujuy?

According to reports from the Ministry of National Security, the official had problems with the flight and decided to reschedule the trip to the province for another opportunity.

More details are unknown regarding which plane he would take and what problems occurred.

What was Patricia Bullrich’s agenda in Jujuy?

As scheduled, the minister would arrive in the morning with Luis Petri and other officials. Governor Carlos Sadir would wait for her there.

Later they would go to La Quiaca to travel the border with Bolivia and with the aim of planning a major operation to avoid inconveniences at that point of entry into the country.

The delegation would return to go by land, together with the provincial leader, to the Chalicán prison.where I would take a tour of the new penitentiary unit recently inaugurated in Jujuy.

Finally, he was scheduled to have a meeting with heads of the federal forces working in Jujuy and hold a press conference.

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