Holguín will host national headquarters for the anniversary of Urbanism

Holguín, May 13 (ACN) The updating of regulations in vulnerable neighborhoods and the links with the Life Task are among the achievements of the Institute of Territorial and Urban Planning (Inotu) in Holguín, headquarters of the national activities for the 64th anniversary of that entity.

César Patterson Rodríguez, territorial delegate of this front, highlighted exclusively to ACN that in the 85 population settlements of the province, compliance with the laws approved by the Council of State aimed at improving infrastructure conditions and raising quality is promoted. of life of the population.

He highlighted that the national housing policy is also supported with the lifting of rooftops, houses with the possibility of expansion, ruined areas and land rights, among the priorities of local development plans.

He stressed that in the province the schemes of the northern tourist region, the mountainous area and the 14 municipal seats are being updated, with the identification of the potential for the construction of grandparents’ houses, multi-family buildings and institutions for health and sports.

Also on the coast, the areas affected by coastal flooding and decision-making are established to reduce the impact of climate change and create resilient communities in the face of this phenomenon, the manager indicated.

In parallel, territorial planning plans are being executed in municipalities such as Antilla and the provincial capital and the inclusion in the national cadastre of more than seven thousand 700 blocks in 44 population settlements, where the survey, research and computerization have already been carried out. of the areas.

Inotu, formerly the National Institute of Physical Planning, was founded on May 19, 1960, with the objective of organizing and executing the laws related to this section in the country.

As the headquarters of the central activities, Holguín will carry out a group of actions, which highlight the link to government programs to facilitate procedures and enable compliance with urban regulations and promote vocational training and the creation of circles of interest in primary education. . (ACN)

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