Galpn 11 opens its doors with a new musical proposal : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

Galpn 11 opens its doors with a new musical proposal : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News
Galpn 11 opens its doors with a new musical proposal : : Mirador Provincial : : Santa Fe News

On Friday, May 17, at 9 p.m., the first date of what promises to be an unmissable cycle will take place. 11 artists, 11 different musical universes, together for the only time in La Jam del 11. The event consists of a performative improvisation session that proposes a meeting of musicians and musicians of different styles, trajectories and genres, which can be enjoyed in the Galpón 11 (Estévez Boero 980) with free admission.

The Jam of 11 brought together 11 artists on stage who performed different pieces in a musical crossover to enjoy and dance to the rhythm of the virtuosity and quality of local art. The purpose is to generate a unique space in the city where great local session players, who work with national and international artists, come together in an event that promotes exchange between different musical universes and generations.

The public will enjoy original presentations in a close format, each presentation having a unique aesthetic and artistic quality.

The formation of the session band for this first date is:

3 singers

Camila Mutuan, also known as Mutu.
Artist from the city of Rosario. With a versatile proposal in musical styles that range from the most underground Rap to the most refined R&B, Mutu brings us lyrics that reveal an empowered woman who is not afraid to tell the crudest reality of her city, as well as to show her side. darker, sensitive and romantic. She works with the Milo Records label.


Singer and songwriter born in the city of Rosario. Brunella has one foot in neo-soul, R&B song and cadences. Additionally, she can master rhymes, as the situation requires. Managing these elements, she is not interested in defining herself in a single genre, opting for a sound that deepens the emotion of her lyrics. In the last five years, she managed to capture the attention of the public and the press with her live performances, a combination of musicality and spontaneity at the command of her powerful voice.

In 2021 he released his first concept album titled ‘Salvarme’, which garnered favorable reviews and a good organic response on streaming. In 2024 she plans to release her second LP, betting on new sounds and new stories to tell.


Rapper born in Rosario in 2000. He began his career with freestyle in 2017, and since then, he has dedicated himself completely to music. In 2021, he released his first solo album ‘022’, which was awarded Best Hip-Hop/Trap Album and Best Album of the Year at the Rosario Edita Awards, establishing him as one of the most promising emerging artists in the city. of the.

He is currently preparing to release his second album, looking to expand his exposure as an artist and the reach of his music.

8 high-level session musicians and musicians

Bassist: Juan Pablo Mariño
He is a musician, session player and teacher. He worked with artists such as Moterfuker and Mama Pájaro. He participated in Bass at the Beach 2007 (with Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey). He played for Fabián Gallardo, Rubén Goldin, La Trova Rosarina, Patagonia Revelde, Phil Maturano, Hugo Lobo, Sebastián Mamet, La Esencia. Currently he plays in Latelonius, Chokenbici and La NN.

Drummer: Leandro Casas
Sessionist and teacher. For 11 years he has shared the stage with various artists and bands in the city. He was a member of the groups Huracán, Amor Underground and Munda, among others. He is currently part of Bifes con Salada.

Percussionist: Luciana Harreguy
Music percussionist, teacher, sessionist in the Cumbia Santafesina Delegation. Chiquita Machado, Mira que quema, Girda y Lxs del Alba, Cafuné Samba, Fieras Samba Reggae, La Pegada participate.

Guitarist: Santiago Pagura
Teacher, producer and session player, he has participated in the creation of projects such as Every Year and Tres. He also has collaborations and endorsements from various brands and luthiers.

Keyboardist: Marcelo Vizzarri
Teacher, producer and session player at Cielo Razzo, Vudú, Chula Venegas, El Vagón, Bonzo Morelli, Leo Zango, Caburo, AfterClass, Mobyfreak, Marcelo Vizzarri Trio and Lee Oskar.

Electronic intervention set (bases, beats, samples, set): María Florencia Befumo
DJ, producer on main and international stages since 2012. Currently part of Reset Electronic Band. From 2016 to 2018 she shared a duet with Gisela Stival Hybrid Set format.

Saxophonist: Gwido Cirione
Ensemble director and session player in Tenor Bandas, Groovin’ Bohemia, Latelonius, Cortito y funky, Kunyaza, Tiger Mood, Ele Mariani, among others.

Trumpeter: Alejo Gaspar Blanco
Sessionist in Cortito y Funky, La Esencia, Groovin’ Bohemia, Homero y sus Alegres, Manu Piró, Sidernova, Los Peñaloza, Caliope Family. He participated in recording albums by Cortito y Funky, Homero y la Alegres, Sidernova, Los Peñaloza, among others.


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