45% of the city of Santa Fe is in darkness: what will happen with the works to restore light

The municipal Executive in charge of Mayor Juan Pablo Poletti issued decree No. 00032/2024, through which he called for an emergency price contest to award public lighting works for approximately 45% of the city, where the lighting system is out of service or in poor condition. The budget, which comes from the municipal coffers, It is 301,897,438 pesos.

The opening of envelopes took place last Friday the 10th. El Litoral tried to find out the offers that were presented, and from the municipality they limited themselves to commenting that “there were offers” and that “they are being analyzed”. “(This Tuesday) is the deadline to compare the budgets. Surely they will be announced shortly,” they argued.

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Beyond this, the situation of the public lighting system in this capital is in the “reserved forecast” phase. It is worth remembering that days ago, the mayor presented the “Plan for the Recovery and Refunctionalization of Public Lighting in the City of Santa Fe”, through which 22 “critical neighborhoods” will be intervened, where LED lighting is inefficient, if not non-existent.

The aforementioned decree offers more information. “Currently, approximately 45% of the municipal lighting park is out of service, mainly due to breakage or vandalization by third parties.which has been surveyed by personnel from the Secretariat of Urban Management and Environment and paid for the claims made by residents through the citizen service line.”


The work provides for the replacement and reconditioning of luminaires, wiring, columns, counters in the neighborhoods of San Jerónimo, San Ignacio Loyola Sur, Ceferino Namuncurá, Centenario, Norte Unidos, Cabaña Leiva, 21 de Octubre, Brigadier López, Liceo Zona Norte, Santa Marta , Bernardino Rivadavia.

Also, in the neighborhoods of Peñaloza Norte, Las Flores, Nueva Santa Fe, Altos Noguera, Candioti Sur, Candioti Norte, El Pozo, San Agustín, Barrio Scarafía, Juventud del Norte and Yapeyú Oeste. The maximum execution period is 90 days.

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These works are promoted “for the sake of mitigate possible scenarios where criminal situations are usually evident, whose circumstances and conditions of perpetration are favored by the poor state of public lightingultimately facilitating the commission of said acts,” the decree says.

The vandalization of public lighting demands a significant expenditure on municipal coffers.The vandalization of public lighting demands a significant expenditure on municipal coffers. Credit: El Litoral Archive

This state of situation evidenced in terms of security and the “exponential growth of criminal events that are seen in the urban ejido”, fundamentally during the night, are reflected in the declaration of Public Safety Emergency established by Provincial Law No. 14,237, to which the local Municipality adhered (Ordinance No. 12,935).

No tender

This aforementioned ordinance, sanctioned by the Council of Santa Fe, precisely authorizes the Executive – within the framework of the Public Security emergency – to execute the actions it deems appropriate for the purposes of “the acquisition of goods, contracting of services, or carrying out of works that are necessary to expand the capabilities of the municipality in terms of primary intervention in urban security and control, dispensing with the corresponding call for public bidding”.

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It also dispenses with “the contractor selection procedure, empowering the Executive to arrange direct contracting or procedures that guarantee the due concurrence of bidders, equal treatment of bidders, comparison of offers and similar conditions.”


When the recovery plan for the public lighting system was presented, Poletti himself said that a situation diagnosis had previously been carried out on the lighting system in 87 Santa Fe neighborhoods. The numbers were overwhelming: 34% of lighting is “bad or very bad”; 18% are “regular” and 48% are “good or very good”. In 52% of the entire urban area, public lighting has deficiencies.

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Regarding the number of vandalisms reported by the local government, 521 columns were partially destroyed last month. And regarding their geographical location, most acts of vandalism are concentrated in the center of the city map, towards the north. But also in the macrocenter and the southwest.

“One of the management axes is that we want an illuminated and safe city. And just as they listened to me in critical terms, shortly after assuming, when I said that I saw the city was dark, this plan (recovery of public lighting) is a step in what we want to change,” Mayor Juan declared to the press. Pablo Poletti.

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