The magic of dance at the Student Scientific Forum in Cuba

The magic of dance at the Student Scientific Forum in Cuba
The magic of dance at the Student Scientific Forum in Cuba

The University of the Arts will host the event in which students from the Danzology, Contemporary Dance, Ballet and Folklore profiles will participate.

These students will exhibit their work in an academic environment with the purpose of socializing the research of young artists, beyond the classrooms.

Some of the initiatives belong to the study culmination exercises of the students who finish their journey at the University of the Arts this year, others are creations in process or already completed, reported the Organizing Committee “Danza al Despósito 2024”.

One of the activities of the forum consists of the interesting number of journalistic texts as a result of class exercises in which writing is the fundamental axis, declared the source.

“Danza al Despósito” emerged with a clear objective: to encourage research in students and currently focuses its attention on the creative processes produced at the ISA Faculty of Dance Art.

This first edition of the scientific dance competition reserves for its opening program the conference-display of the professor, researcher and critic Noel Bonilla-Chongo, who will give the dissertation “Dance: stubbornness to retain you.”

The same line will be followed by the Caribbean artist Jean-Hugues Miredin, who will teach the workshop “Dance: physicality and beauty, the permanent battle”, which comes to the “Dance Uncovered” space in the context of French Culture Month.

This event pays tribute to the Cuban maestro Fernando Alonso on his 110th birthday and to remember him, the documentary El Maestro entre Nuestros will be screened, an audiovisual still under construction by SC Producciones, from the Cuban province of Camagüey.

Several companies that have closed anniversaries in 2024 will also be honored, such as Danza Contemporánea de Cuba (65), Compañía Rosario Cárdenas (35) and Compañía Flamenca ECOS (25).

As part of the agenda of this forum, there will be presentations of the books Prosas Cubanas by Alicia Alonso, by the authors Pedro Simón Martínez and José Ramón Neyra, belonging to Ediciones Unión.

Adding to these initiatives is the volume Isabel Bustos: Danzarte Habana, from Ediciones Boloña, authored by Noel Bonilla-Chongo.

The Student Forum will have a luxurious closing with the conference Dance is news. The ICAIC Latin American News and its connection with dance, by journalist Arlety Veunes Toro, from the Honorary Chair of Film Journalism, attached to the Santiago Álvarez Office. This action celebrates from the ISA the 65th birthday of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry.

Another purpose of the contest’s agenda includes the workshop How to choose the soundtrack for dance?, aimed at students of the National School of this specialty, taught by Elizabeth Marrero, professor in charge of the Music for Dance Laboratory, from the Faculty of Dance Art.

“Dance Uncovered”, the first Student Scientific Forum on Research, Journalism and Criticism, opens a space for multiple explorations, writing and creative processes, of the students of the ISA Faculty of Dance Art, concluded the note from the Organizing Committee.


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