The difficulties of being a mother in Chile

The difficulties of being a mother in Chile
The difficulties of being a mother in Chile

Motherhood is a fundamental pillar in Chilean society, however, mothers face numerous challenges in their daily lives. From the wage gap to the lack of work-life balance policiesmothers in Chile often find themselves struggling to balance their family and professional responsibilities.

One of the main difficulties that Chilean mothers face is employment discrimination. Although the Constitution guarantees equal rights between men and women, statistics show that Women, especially mothers, face a significant pay gap compared to their male colleagues. This pay disparity is further exacerbated by the lack of advancement and career development opportunities for women who are mothers.

Another important challenge for mothers in Chile is the lack of work-life balance policies. Many women are forced to quit their jobs or reduce their work hours due to a lack of quality, affordable child care options.. This situation not only affects the financial stability of families, but also perpetuates gender inequality in the workplace.

In addition to facing obstacles in the workplace, Chilean mothers They also struggle to access quality maternal health services. Despite advances in prenatal and obstetric care in the country, many women face barriers to accessing health care during pregnancy and childbirth, especially those who live in rural or marginalized areas.

The situation of single mothers in Chile is also worrying. Many of these women face significant economic and social difficulties due to a lack of family and state support. The absence of specific support policies for single mothers hinders their ability to raise their children in a dignified and satisfactory manner..

Finally, we cannot forget the situation of women deprived of libertyBeing the 82.% of them mothers and his lived with their children before entering prison. Today there are 115 infants living with their mothers in prisonsa situation that is truly outrageous.

Therefore, we must mobilize efforts towards those policies that allow women with children under two years old serve their sentences at home. Since 2017, the bill that allows this has been waiting in Congress, I wonder, how much longer should we wait? How many more mothers will have to raise under bars?

It is essential that the State and society as a whole recognize the value of mothers’ work and move forward together to create an environment that promotes gender equality, social inclusion and respect for the human rights of all women and their children.

It is urgent to continue bridging gaps. Women cannot continue to maintain the system without any reward. We must remember that without mothers there would be no workforce, without them the system stops. Let’s support them.

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