What will happen to the national works in Mendoza: Posse’s response

Nicols Posse, Chief of Staff of the Government of Javier Milei, will give this Wednesday, May 15 at 11:00 the first management report in the Senate. There he will answer the more than 1,000 questions that legislators have already sent him. But this Tuesday the report to be defended was known. What did you answer about the works in Mendoza?

Among the questions related to our province are those asked by former governor Rodolfo Suárez about the deregulation of the electricity sector and asked what the Nation plans to do with electricity concessions. Posse responded that “the Secretary of Energy informs that the task entrusted to the Concessioned Hydroelectric Uses Task Force (ETAHC) is in process, and will be materialized through the production of a detailed report that the ETAHC must submit to this body.” “The evaluation of the present situation of each hydroelectric exploitation will constitute a fundamental input to define the steps to follow from the termination of the current concession contracts. This survey includes the concessioned plants in the province of Mendoza.”

Suarez and Juri in Congress.

For its part, Mariana Juri I asked about the bridges on National Route 40 in Los Chaares stream and Los Pozos stream that collapsed in 2020 and 2021 after a storm. La Nación responded that “the approval of the Executive Project is in process. To finalize it, it is necessary to have the technical documentation approved with the required formality.”

Regarding his concern – among others – about the works on the Palmira variant, Posse did not give details regarding the future.

Senator Fernández Sagasti asked about the import of bulk wine and the elimination of Fonid.

Finally, the opposition senator Anabel Fernández Sagasti consulted about the import of bulk wine from Chile and the Executive replied that the opening of imports It has no harmful effect on the situation of the wine sector..

He also questioned the elimination of the National Teacher Incentive Fund (Fonid). Posse indicated that “the National Teacher Incentive Fund was created by Law 25,053 for a period of 5 years. Since the rule established by the FONID is void, the best way to redirect said resources is being studied. In this sense, it is being studied “is working on the development of mechanisms for assigning transparent resources to jurisdictions based on objective criteria, which are closely linked to clear and defined educational goals.”

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