typical dishes that should not be missed

Between Seville and Seville you have to have a break to recharge your batteries, which is why the booths at the Córdoba Fair always have a wide variety of typical local dishes so you don’t leave without a good taste in your mouth. It should be noted that they are already offering in their networks the possibility of reserve their arranged menus at very affordable prices suitable for all budgets.

As incoming You can always have tapas with chicken skewers, loin sandwiches or croquettes, a series of dishes that have become universal for all palates. To accompany this snack, the fried green peppers They serve as the perfect touch of salty for these tapas or even to be consumed alone.

If you prefer something more elaborate, your best option may be the Cordoban cochifrito. Its preparation may be simple, but you have to have a lot of skill to get the perfect result so that they are crispy and well seasoned. The combination of tender and crispy pork, marinated with aromatic spices, is the perfect option to satisfy your cravings while you immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the fair.

Another essential part of any appetizer is fried eggplants with honey, a very tasty dish that surprises your senses with the combination of sweet and salty.

You cannot say that you leave the Fair hungry having the triangle of Cordoba gastronomy at your disposal. He salmorejo, flamenquín and potato omelette They are a sure shot if you want to satisfy your stomach with the best local foods. And in the gastronomic offer of the celebrations of Our Lady of Health there is also room for riceprepared in the classic style of copper.

For the sweetest of us, we cannot leave behind the mythical Cordovan cake, an option to have for dessert. Known for its delicious combination of almonds, sugar and thin dough, this cake is a true gastronomic treasure that reflects the rich culinary heritage of Córdoba. Its crispy texture on the outside and its filling sweet makes it the perfect ending to any meal.


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