taxi ran over a young man and fled in Ibagué

taxi ran over a young man and fled in Ibagué
taxi ran over a young man and fled in Ibagué

In the early hours of Sunday, May 13, a tragic accident occurred in the city of Ibagué. Daniel Alejandro Ramírez Ríos, a 22-year-old young man, was seriously injured after being hit by a taxi at the intersection of 60th Street and Mirolindo Avenue.

According to eyewitness accounts, the young man was preparing to cross the avenue when he was hit by the public service vehicle, which subsequently fled the scene without providing any type of aid to the injured person.

“What happened is that my brother had an accident on Saturday morning, at 3 in the morning, on 60th and Mirolindo. Apparently the taxi driver was drunk, he ran over him and he was unconscious. And he flew, no He came back, he didn’t show up or anything. So we don’t know if there is a camera or something out there, because the truth is we don’t know who,” said Giovanni, the victim’s brother, in statements given to Econoticias.

News of interest: This is the identity of the motorcyclist who died in the last few hours in Ibagué

Young Daniel Alejandro suffered multiple injuries in the accident including scrapes and facial wounds that required reconstructive surgery. The severity of his injuries has left the family dismayed, who are now seeking justice and calling for the immediate capture of the person responsible.

The authorities have launched an investigation to clarify the facts and find the whereabouts of the taxi driver involved in the accident. It is hoped that community collaboration and review of possible security camera records can provide clues to resolve this unfortunate event.


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