A tank car from La Guajira arrived in Pasto

One of the situations that has caused the greatest stir is the scandal of the tank cars which were intended to be used in the Colombian Caribbean area, with a contract of 46 billion; However, in the last few hours it was learned that these vehicles went from La Guajira to Pasto, precisely in a circus.

Through social networks a photo of the tank cars achieved by the National Risk Management Unit (UNGRD)appearing in a grass circus, handing out water, generating a lot of controversy and speculation with this situation.

From theories stating that the vehicle would be distributing water, others that it could have been a driver’s error, to speculation that this situation is due to different actions of the National Government in order to disappear these cars, a situation that gives rise to uncertainty.

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Thanks to this fact, several political figures have expressed themselves through different social networks, showing the disagreement and doubts that exist about this situation. In addition to criticizing the president’s management, Gustavo Petro especially in the organization of this issue.

One case was the Senator, Maria Fernanda Cabal, where through her account x mentioned that she is disappointed, but not surprised with the situation that is occurring. How a tank car from Guajira to Pasto.

How did people react on social media?

Within the image published in x, people’s discomfort with this situation was evident, while others decided to take this situation ironically. Since it shows the two political currents that currently exist.

Likewise, it can also be seen how a photo appeared, showing that it is possible that this vehicle is not a UNGRD tank car, given that the car is missing a letter. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Fantasy Xtreme circus has not commented on its appearance.


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