A 9-year-old girl is found dead and with signs of torture in Aguachica, Cesar

A 9-year-old minor was found lifeless and with signs of torture in Aguachica, Cesar. After hearing about the case of her disappearance, Authorities in the municipality of Aguachica in the south of the department of Cesar began the search for Kelly Carolina Carballo Santana.

According to preliminary information, the minor was last seen in a commercial area located on Fifth Street, where every weekend he took care of motorcycles with his brother.

This case was registered last Sunday, May 12 and, Since then, mixed groups of the National Police searched for her in urban and rural areas.

Unfortunately, on the afternoon of Monday, May 13, she was found in a wooded area in the El Minuto village, located a few kilometers from the town center. The community that lives in the place notified the authorities, who immediately arrived and cordoned off the area and found the lifeless body of Kelly Carolina.

The little girl was naked, with signs of torture caused on her neck with a blue piece of clothing and, in addition, she is presumed to have been a victim of sexual abuse, since she has injuries in the pelvic area. The minor was from the municipality of Aguachica and resided in the Palmira neighborhood, according to what could be established.

Nina Aguachica

Due to these events, the authorities are offering a reward of up to 60 million pesos for anyone who provides information that allows them to find the whereabouts of those responsible.s of this unfortunately fact that has generated consternation and regret in the department of Cesar.


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