Pacific Hydro Chile and PTI Energía Atacama sign important agreement

Pacific Hydro Chile and PTI Energía Atacama sign important agreement
Pacific Hydro Chile and PTI Energía Atacama sign important agreement

Renewable energy generating company highlights agreement that will benefit the inhabitants of the Loros commune.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024.- Pacific Hydro Chile and Corfo’s Energía Atacama Integrated Territorial Program (PTI) sign an agreement aimed at promoting awareness and knowledge about non-conventional renewable energies (NCRE) in the community of Los Loros.

This agreement will allow the realization of a cycle of theoretical and practical training workshops that address key topics related to the use of clean and sustainable energy, rescuing its use in the local culture of the community, through the drying and dehydrating of fruits and herbs. , renewable energies for home use and small agriculture.

It is important to highlight that each course culminates with a technical visit to the Desierto de Atacama project under construction, where participants will be able to learn about and tour the photovoltaic park.

The collaboration between Pacific Hydro Chile and PTI Energía Atacama marks a milestone in the commitment to promote the transition towards a more responsible energy model that is respectful of the environment and communities. “We feel privileged to collaborate closely to promote sustainable development in the region. For our company, public-private alliances are key to advancing initiatives that strengthen the country’s decarbonization goals,” says Juan Pablo Villanueva, executive manager of Human Resources, Corporate Affairs and Community of Pacific Hydro Chile.

“For Corfo’s Atacama Energy Integrated Territorial Program (PTI), it is essential to generate shared value from the development of capabilities and active involvement in public-private alliances. This alliance clearly allows us to incorporate experience, knowledge, technology and improve the competitiveness of the actors that contribute to energizing the ecosystem of the energy industry in the Atacama region,” says Neyel Marín, manager of the Program.


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