Investing in school infrastructure is one of the priorities of the District Administration to improve the coverage rate

Investing in school infrastructure is one of the priorities of the District Administration to improve the coverage rate
Investing in school infrastructure is one of the priorities of the District Administration to improve the coverage rate

Visit by the Educational Infrastructure Financing Fund (FFIE) of the National Government to the IEO of Santa Librada during January 2024.

  • The Cali Ministry of Education intends to invest more than $300,000 million in new, acquired, built and/or restored physical educational infrastructure between 2024 and 2027.
  • A report led by the World Bank, in 2019, establishes that it is necessary to invest $3 billion to improve the school infrastructure of Cali’s official system.
  • Restoring the physical plant of the main headquarters of the Official Educational Institution (IEO) of Santa Librada, located in commune 3, is part of the strategic projects of the four-year period.

Santiago de Cali, May 14, 2024

During the recent presentation made before the Council of Cali regarding the bets of the educational sector that are proposed to be included in the District Development Plan: Cali, Pacific Capital of ColombiaTatiana Aguilar Rodríguez, Secretary of Education, indicated an iron will to invest in the improvement of school environments.

Increase the gross coverage rate at the transition, basic and medium levels It was part of the result indicators presented during the plenary session and within its product indicators the number of official educational venues with new physical infrastructure, acquired, built and/or restored, for which it is planned to have a budget of $304,015, stood out. ,252,717 to carry out said objective.

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“Regarding the restored school infrastructure, it is important to point out the work that has been led by the Cali Secretariat of Education to restore the IEO of Santa Librada, which has been having specific administrative and technical exercises to achieve this city purpose. , to ensure that this emblematic IEO can have suitable school environments and that, in this way, we can comply not only with a ruling ordered by a sentence, but with a city purpose in accordance with the current regulations of both the Ministry of National Education ( MEN) as well as the Ministry of Culture,” said Aguilar Rodríguez.

Likewise, the public servant emphasized the importance of having the Educational Infrastructure Master Plan Formulated, another of the product indicators that is linked to the coverage rate. “The city needs to be clear about the actions that should be developed in terms of school infrastructure. It is a commitment that is necessary for both the National Government and Cali, to identify not only the maintenance works that must be carried out year after year due to the use of the IEOs but also to guarantee the necessary resources to improve and adapt the infrastructure. city ​​school.”

In this way, carry out the necessary studies and designs in accordance with the current regulations that mandate the Territorial Planning Plan (POT), the Colombian Regulations for Earthquake-Resistant Construction (NSR 10) and the Colombian Technical Standard (NTC) 4595 of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Planning, Design of Facilities and School Environments is part of the actions planned to make the restoration of the Santa Librada IEO a reality.

The most recent report published by the World Bank, in 2019, indicates that, of the 330 educational centers evaluated in Cali, about 247 require intervention to improve and adapt infrastructure, which is equivalent to an investment of about $3 billions.

In that sense, the leader of the local educational portfolio maintained that “last April we presented to the Ministry of National Education (MEN) a proposal on the improvement and conditioning of educational facilities that today are having a great impact on the provision of the educational service and that we can make an immediate intervention in order to make the learning environments more suitable for our students.”

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Silvia C. Ortiz Burgos
Communications Secretary of Education

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