Genera Neuquén is launched, a plan to strengthen technical education in Vaca Muerta

Genera Neuquén is launched, a plan to strengthen technical education in Vaca Muerta
Genera Neuquén is launched, a plan to strengthen technical education in Vaca Muerta

“The State must be accompanying young people so that they can progress and continue studying. We do this through the Gregorio Álvarez Scholarships throughout the province, and we continue to project tools such as ‘Genera Neuquén’ to strengthen training and work in Vaca Muerta be first for the people of Neuquén”he added.

Figueroa reaffirmed that there cannot be an economically profitable project in the province if there is no social sustainability, and in that sense he stressed that “one of the fundamental parts is education. Education, , security, infrastructure are the priorities for our management and that is where our efforts are directed.”

Train talents for Vaca Muerta

Galuccio stated that “the future growth that we project for Vaca Muerta requires a comprehensive approach. To accelerate our activity and be able to reach one million barrels of productionnot only do we need to be more efficient, innovative and sustainable, we also We must focus our efforts on awakening vocations and training future talents who, very possibly, will inherit the work we did these years to enhance Vaca Muerta. “This project will function as an enabler of growth and feedback from other educational initiatives developed by the province, such as the Gregorio Álvarez scholarships.”

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Galuccio, Figueroa and Markous signed the agreement at the Casa del Neuquén.

The president and CEO of Vista also highlighted the importance of carrying out this program together with Tecpetrol, and highlighted the role of the province in terms of educational strengthening: “I am glad to be carrying out this project with Tecpetrol, with extensive experience in the implementation of technical education programs. And also, I highlight the role of the governor of Neuquen, Rolando Figueroa, for the strong commitment that he demonstrates every day to the strengthening of education, the development of Vaca Muerta and the growth of the province.”

While Markous stated that “Tecpetrol’s commitment to the communities where it carries out its operations, and which extends to its entire value chain, focuses on excellent education, with the conviction that it is a fundamental factor that provides opportunities for growth and development of people by giving them concrete tools to enter the world of work.

“This ‘second field’ that is Vaca Muerta due to its potential and its impact on the Argentine economy, will require trained women and men in the energy industry, to take advantage of this great wealth that our country has. We are proud to be able to contribute to the province of Neuquen with this technical scholarship program together with Vista,” indicated the company’s CEO.

What will be the labor demand for Vaca Muerta?

According to data collected by the Techint Group, by 2030 it will be necessary to generate 17 thousand trained and skilled workers for the industry.. Furthermore, currently, 33% of secondary school students in Neuquén are enrolled in technical studies and only 13% – of a total of 3,000 – university students focus their studies on applied sciences and technology.

Genera Neuquén takes as a starting point the estimates of jobs that Vaca Muerta will demand for the coming years and proposes a three-year plan with progressive implementation in 9 schools in 2024, 15 in 2025 and a total of 19 by 2026.

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By 2030, it will be necessary to generate 17 thousand trained and trained workers for the industry.

The program has three axes: The first is reinforcement in mathematics that provides classroom resources for teachers and students, and also extracurricular reinforcement.

The second axis is training in technical skills for the industry with a load of 200 hours divided into a leveling module, a module focused on technical aspects and another oriented to specific training in NOC Operations.

The last axis of the program is vocational guidance, which will provide each student with the necessary support for choosing their next higher level studies.

The learning path It also includes complementary training courses that include virtual campuses for e-learning, talks by professionals from both operators, field visits to oil facilities to apply knowledge in real environments, and practices with a simulator, among other proposals.

The development of this type of programs that seek synergy between the private sector, the provincial government and the educational field, not only meets the demands of the expanding labor market, but also provides opportunities for professional development and enhances a key industry for the growth of Argentina.

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