Tragedy on the Panamericana: a woman who crossed the highway on foot and was hit by a truck died

Tragedy on the Panamericana: a woman who crossed the highway on foot and was hit by a truck died
Tragedy on the Panamericana: a woman who crossed the highway on foot and was hit by a truck died

Woman crossed the Panamericana and was run over

A road tragedy shook the Pan-American highwayspecifically in the kilometer 16.5, near Salvador Debenedetti – just north of the suburbs – when a woman tried to cross the highway on foot and was fatally hit by a truck.

As confirmed by the SAME of Vicente Lopezthe outcome took place this morning at a critical point on the road, right next to the north center lane, at Munro.

Upon delving into the details of the incident, it was revealed that the vehicle involved was a truck. white Ford Cargowho was traveling on the expressway at the time when the woman, whose age was not specified, unexpectedly burst in.

Despite efforts to avoid impact, the crash was inevitable. The 48-year-old driver of the truck was uninjured and an investigation is currently underway. culpable homicideheaded by the Munro 3rd Precinct and the Decentralized UFI of the town, who are in charge of clarifying the exact circumstances that led to the incident.

To avoid this type of accident, a group of neighbors had already warned about the situation and carried out in April a road block demanding the opening of more pedestrian bridges to go from one side of the route to the other, tired of the lack of responses from the municipal authorities and Road Corridorsthe company that concessions national route 8 starting at kilometer 57.3.

The claim, which took place in the early hours of Monday, April 22, was made at kilometer 61 of national route 8, at the height of the Pilar Industrial Park.

Neighbors cut off the Pilar branch of the Panamericana to demand the reconstruction of a pedestrian bridge knocked down by a truck

According to the media Pilar a Diariothe protest took place after On Saturday, April 20, a man died after being hit by a vehicle when he was trying to cross the Pan-American Highway on foot, due to the lack of a pedestrian crossing that was never replaced. In January, something similar had happened with another man who walked across the road and died.

“No one gives answers and we need the bridge”said Micaela, ex-partner and mother of the fatal victim’s daughter. The resident of the El Progreso neighborhood of Fátima explained that “the other stop is very far from the neighborhood where we live and to go at night it is ugly, it is dark, we have no choice but to cross the highway under the broken bridge.” “The kids have to go all the way around to go to school”he added, emphasizing: “We need to be heard.”

The pedestrian bridge that was located at kilometer 62.5 of the Pilar branch of the Pan-American highway was knocked down by a truck on May 8: the driver of a dump truck from a road company did not realize that it was carrying the He batted high and hit the top of the bridge.

An image of the truck that hit and caused a pedestrian bridge on the Panamericana to collapse, near Pilar

After the impact, part of the building fell into the back of a truck which at that time was traveling behind the truck heading towards the province of Buenos Aires. While the driver of said vehicle was unharmed, the driver of the truck that collapsed the bridge only suffered minor injuries.

Ayelén, a resident of the area, spoke on the day of the collapse with TN and counted that at the moment of impact a noise similar to that of an explosion was heard. “We went out to see what was happening, we thought at one point that it could be something from the factory in front of us. It is a bridge that is used a lot by kids who cross to school. or those who go to work,” he said.

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