Neiva Launches ‘Tacho, let me cross’ Campaign for School Road Safety

Neiva Launches ‘Tacho, let me cross’ Campaign for School Road Safety
Neiva Launches ‘Tacho, let me cross’ Campaign for School Road Safety

Post date: 2024-05-14 09:36:12

The Municipal Administration of Neiva has launched the “Tacho, let me cross” campaign to improve road safety at the entrances and exits of schools. Led by the Secretariats of Mobility and Education, the initiative includes signage, educational talks, and a road safety contest.

2024-05-14 09:36:12

Safer school environments at the entrance and exit of the institutions is the premise of the Municipal Administration, since risk and road imprudence during so-called ‘peak’ hours are latent outside of schools.

The campaign called ‘Tacho’, let me cross, led by the Secretariats of Mobility and Education, aims to intervene in the city’s schools through horizontal school signage, pedagogical and then sanctioning controllers, talks and training in road safety for both students. as for parents and also, the possibility of generating pedagogy in each educational institution through a contest that bears the same name as the campaign.

The articulated work together with the Education portfolio allowed the launch of the campaign at the IE Oliverio Lara, to be an accompaniment at the student crossing around 6:00 am; There, staff from both secretariats accompanied the children to cross and gave recommendations to the guardians who caused reckless traffic when dropping the children off at school.

Likewise, the day also featured a pedagogical talk for ninth, tenth and eleventh grades, in which more than 300 young people received participatory training in road safety.

The intention of the Municipal Administration is to continue demarcating the school traffic zones and continue raising awareness in the community, therefore, educational institutions such as Gabriel García Márquez, Liceo Santa Librada, Agustín Codazzi and others in which there is vehicular chaos, will also enter the campaign process, to reduce the risks in the exits of these institutions.

Likewise, the Ministry of Mobility, through the road safety team, will continue to provide constant support and awareness in the city’s schools, with the aim of training the entire educational community.

For its part, the Ministry of Education, with the support of the Mobility portfolio, will advance all the processes for the contest in which the 36 educational institutions in the city will participate. The objective is to generate pedagogical experiences in schools and their headquarters, within the framework of road safety with technological and innovative components that promote the learning of boys and girls.

The launch of the contest will be on May 27 and will have a process of support from both secretariats, to guarantee that the dynamic fulfills its purpose of generating road awareness in the student community.

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