“We are in rehabilitation,” said Scioli in Bariloche and made announcements for tourism

Daniel Scioli said that he has a close bond with Bariloche. He has been visiting the city for many years and this time he arrived as Secretary of Tourism, Environment and Sports of the Nation to support investments in Cerro Catedral, learn about the demands of the tourism sector and promise short-term responses to the airline policy and modifications to the student tourism law, while he compared his life story with the country and defined: “Argentina is going through a rehabilitation.”

Scioli’s visit brought together the governor Alberto Weretilneck, the representative for La Libertad Avanza, Lorena Villaverde, and Mayor Walter Cortésand the national official – who ironically used his usual phrase of having “faith and hope” – valued that meeting as “great political maturity” in pursuit of seeking improvements for Bariloche and tourist activity, but also to promote private investments such as those visited today on Cerro Catedral, upon learning about the Master Plan of the co-owner of the ski center and the renovation of the Hotel Club Catedral, which promotes an investment group whose visible face is the businessman Alejandro Gravier.

Scioli was optimistic about the winter season: “They have guaranteed snow because the force of God caused one and a half meters to fall on Catedral Hill”he emphasized and predicted that the season will last more than 120 days.

Scioli, Weretilneck and Cortés toured Cerro Catedral together. Gentleness. Municipality of Bariloche

He announced that he made a agreement with the Vía Bariloche groupalso owner of Catedral Alta Patagonia, the concessionaire of the hill, so that the Skiers who buy 6 days of skiing have free round-trip tickets on their buses from Buenos Aires to Bariloche. “It is an incentive and can impact 20%,” stated the head of Tourism at the national level, however he did not mention the value of the ski pass that was controversial days ago due to its current cost of 115,000 pesos for the winter.

He also highlighted the Master Plan of the hill as “the most significant investment of Cerro Catedral that will generate 10,000 jobs and private investments of more than 1,000 million dollars” and left a message to the Deliberative Council to whom he asked that “the conditions can be facilitated so that we can make Bariloche and fundamentally the Catedral ski center an extraordinary place of development and a very positive impact on the greatest concerns that the mayor has, which has to do with the social and economic aspects.” and with work.”

Daniel Scioli held a press conference with the mayor of Bariloche, Walter Cortés, and the undersecretary of national tourism, Yanina Martínez. Photo: Chino Leiva

When mentioning President Javier Milei, the official of Peronist origin winked at the policies applied: “We are doing things that in common sense had to be done in the country, a state order, a fiscal order, a healthier economya healthier country in every sense and I am convinced that we are going to see the fruit of this effort that the president recognizes and values,” he stated at a press conference.

He also highlighted that tourism was included in the Simple Quota plan and announced that a program of 12 interest-free installments has now been agreed with Banco Nación and other entities in which the tourist sector and airlines will be included.

An “open skies” policy

Scioli recovered the concept devised by former president Mauricio Macri when talking about “open skies” and said that in the coming days there will be “important developments” in terms of aviation policy with “deepening deregulation.” He did not venture details but anticipated that it will have “impact” and that they will be announced “airfields, runways of the country that are going to be enabled and fundamentally a large universe of aircraft so that they can make complementary flights to traditional flights.”

Consulted by diarior BLACK RIVER Due to the concern of the Bariloche business community about high air fares, the official responded that “The natural vaccine against that is competition, the fact that everything is deregulated. Greater competition is a benefit for the consumer and on top of that if you have 12 interest-free installments there will be more Airlines, the low cost ones, Latam, Azul, Gol,” he listed.

Scioli visited the Tourist Reports office, accompanied by deputy Lorena Villaverde. Photo: Chino Leiva

Yanina Martínez, the Undersecretary of Tourism of the Nation who accompanied Scioli on this tour, added that the ANAC and the Regulatory Body of the National Airport System “They are working to see how to lower the airfare in cases of short international flights” and gave the example of Concepción de Chile to Bariloche, a short stretch in distance but with high costs due to the international rate, pushed by the rates and taxes that would be the objective to modify.

Officials also shared today with the local business community a new reform project at the Bariloche international airport.

Student tourism with changes

Scioli and Martínez also left announcements for the student tourism segment, stating that the Government will promote a change in the legislation that regulates this activity. “Travel will be guaranteed in a different way, today there is zero quota and a trust until 2027, but we will have another methodology to streamline student tourism.”“said the undersecretary.

According to Martínez, the announcement that will be made in the coming days It will be “innovative” for families and admitted that heThe contracts already signed for trips this year or next cannot be modified. Only Scioli said that he intervened with the Travel Rock company to avoid charging additional fees on trips because it echoed the families’ claim.

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